The value of habits

The value of habits
A good chance to re-use my championship rally photo. (Photo by Margaret H. Laing)

How are your spring habits coming along? Are you doing extra cleaning or shopping, or moving your woolly things back in your closet so the linen things can come forward?

My spring habit of listening to or watching playoff hockey games is ruined with no one to cheer for — again.  That’s just when I recognize the value of my hockey habit: Games lower my blood pressure, remind me it’s night and distract my mind from things I’d rather not worry about.

But I do have other habits, and here’s one of them. After a few days of thinking “Oh, yes, that was a good post,” I start looking for what to write next. I wonder which category’s needed. I look out for interesting words that pop up in the news — or the ones that don’t and should.

I’m enjoying my reading habit now, especially when I miss my father. I recently finished a paperback thriller that had lots of Dad’s notes in it, figuring out things about a painting mentioned in the text and pictured on the cover. When the text and the cover finally agreed on what was in the painting, there was a big, handwritten “Told you so!”

Reading’s going to be an easy habit to keep going with a lot of my books jostling happily with a lot of Dad’s. So I’ll have a lot of Sustaining Books to read — or re-read, from Christopher Morley’s “The Haunted Bookshop” to some things in an omnibus by Robert Louis Stevenson. (Other things I’ve already read.)

By the way, there’s nothing in my new collection from Daphne Du Maurier, Agatha Christie, or Robert Burns. (Dad gave me collections of Burns ages ago.) But my Imaginary Writers’ Committee will thrive. Dad’s collected “The Complete Sherlock Holmes,” the book in which I first encountered the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is now on my shelves, and it’s another one with wonderful margin notes.

So without my hockey habit, I’ll have more time for my reading habit — and I’ll still have a long time before I need to look for new material to read.

Wanting to look for more to read, of course, is another matter altogether.

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