'FEAR' and New Year's Eve: a poem

'FEAR' and New Year's Eve: a poem

Author’s note: What follows is a tribute to the work of my esteemed colleague and friend, Aquinas Wired, in the style of his outstanding blog, The Quark in the Road.

Now it’s December thirty-first

and politics seem at their worst.

(Do not give yourself a rash,

of course I’m aping Ogden Nash.)

I’ve read all of Bob Woodward’s “Fear:

Trump in the White House” —

and the contest for best title here

is finished in apartment house.

I trust Bob Woodward got things right,

comfort to me on this night.

So as Nash wrote, readers dear,

“Duck! Here comes another year!”


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  • As always, grateful I am, friend.
    And welcome to political verse
    Whereby with rhyme we hope to mend
    For better what has gotten worse.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    You're welcome, friend. I'm not sure how much other political verse, but the hope of mending is strong. Happy new year!

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