World Emoji Day? Bah, humbug -- I'll use words

World Emoji Day? Bah, humbug -- I'll use words

When I checked on Facebook for reactions to my previous post, I saw a notice that today is World Emoji Day.

Pardon me for not celebrating.

I am comfortable enough adding “Wink” or “Ha ha!” to sentencesĀ I’m writing. I don’t need to show someone a laughing face or a winking face — which they (or I) may not be able to see clearly anyway. If I especially want to send someone a picture or “sticker” electronically, I will, but it has to be a special case.

I spent a long time learning to use words. Most of the time, the differences among the emojis (most of which are faces with tiny changes of expression) don’t convey words well anyway.

So I’m perfectly comfortable giving World Emoji Day the word “Boo!” instead of a grimacing face emoji.

“Opt out” seems to be the modern opposite of “join in,” so I encourage you to opt out with me.

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  • Dear Margaret, Now that I know you are no fan of emojis....

  • Dear folkloric, Are you surprised? Pray continue!

  • But think of all the money the cell phone operating systems people invested in creating unicode for them. Oh, the wasted humanity!

  • In reply to jack:

    Indeed, what a waste -- all to go back to hieroglyphics.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    ...which makes me wonder what people in the Orient use to call up a URL.

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