Serious questions about (and for) Chicago: Why?

Serious questions about (and for) Chicago: Why?

Why do we put up with corruption as if it’s bad weather?

Why can’t we stick together as Chicagoans instead of members of our particular ward, tribe or party?

Why don’t we city folk talk about being from Chicago more often than the suburbanites do? (Is it only that they need to explain where their suburb is?)

Why can’t we talk about “(my neighborhood) in Chicago” or “my Chicago neighborhood, (blank)” instead of just its name? Isn’t that the city version of “(my suburb), near Chicago” after all?

Why does politics get described as Chicago’s favorite spectator sport? Why can’t we all realize that we’re part of it?
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  • Corruption: Like the weather, there is nothing we personally can do about it. At least we can hope that Steve Baskerville can predict that the U.S. Attorney will arrive during the 5-day forecast period.

    Stick together: Because the melting pot no longer exists, if it ever did.

    From Chicago: The "Al Capone" image has been replaced with the current one. My mother in Fla., even though she no longer gets WGN News, says each week "that Emanuel guy or whatever his name is sure seems to have a lot of problems." However, it isn't like in upstate NY, where everyone within 50 miles of the corporate limits is still classified by the post office (which is not in the city) as in the city.

    Neighborhood: If talking within Chicago, we know where Bridgeport is. If outside Chicago, no point in mentioning the neighborhood, because nobody knows where Grand Boulevard is.

    Politics, it is because the Bears, Bulls and Sox stink. Now takes a back seat to the Hawks and Cubs. As to "spectator," see point one, except some fool thinks I am going to open mail from the Let's Make America Great Again Committee. At least the building has a 64 gallon recycling cart.

  • Thank you, Jack. I like the Steve Baskerville idea.

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