Sunflowers and his letters - van Gogh's masterpieces

Photo by Margaret H. Laing

Photo by Margaret H. Laing

As I’ve mentioned in several previous posts about my neighborhood and its sunflowers, I’ve been inspired to read about Vincent van Gogh and his paintings of sunflowers. (Linking doesn’t seem to be working today, but they are several of my more recent posts. The quoted letter is from p. 400 of the Penguin edition of the letters cited previously.)

On Sept. 17, 1888, Vincent van Gogh wrote the following letter to his brother:

“My dear Theo,

“I wrote to you earlier this morning, then I went and did some more work on a picture of a sunny garden. Then I brought it back in — and went out again with a blank canvas, and that, too, has been finished. And now I want to write to you again.

“You see, I have never had such luck before, nature here is extraordinarily beautiful. Everything and everywhere. The dome of the sky is a wonderful blue, the sun has rays of a pale sulphur, and it is as soft and delightful as the combination of heavenly blues and yellows in Vermeer of Delft.”

There’s no mention of what the paintings were — are — that day, but the beauties of nature are there in the letter. Look around at the beauty of September with new eyes… and perhaps even write about it.


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