Flighty but Serious questions

Flighty but Serious questions
Source: reusableart.com

Are there any left-handed pastel artists? If so, how do they/you get around the smudges created by dragging the left hand through what’s just been drawn? (I have enough trouble with ball-point ink, thank you.)

Aren’t hummingbirds a marvelous example of an animal and its food fitting together perfectly? (That’s an intended use of the word “marvelous,” by the way.)

Isn’t there some sort of balance on the radio between using jargon without definition and slowing everything down by using definitions every sentence or two?

Do TV stations have vocal coaches? If not, most seem to need them for their news staffs. Commercials can use them, too — muttering while talking about “an effective treatment” can sound just like “ineffective treatment.”

Are there other holidays that seem to contradict themselves, such as most people not laboring on Labor Day? (No, not being a secretary on Secretary’s Day doesn’t count in the way I mean.)

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  • 1. You can either get a long enough piece of chalk, or trace from right to left. For that matter, are there any right handed Hebrew or Arabic calligraphers? (A sofer has to do a Torah scroll by hand.) Most of this art is impressionistic, anyway (if you watch any oil painting show on WYCC or Create TV). Probably a technique is smearing.
    3. Most of those on the radio don't know what they are talking about, so it doesn't matter. I'm sure you are not that concerned whether El Rushbo specifically defined feminazi.

  • Thanks again, Jack, for your Serious answers. For right-handers, smearing is a technique; for left-handers, it's a way of life.
    That's a good point about Hebrew and Arabic right-handers; they would understand how lefties are in other languages.
    As for feminazi, I had to think for a while to come up with Rush Limbaugh from "El Rushbo," because I've never tried his program. No, I'm not concerned at all.

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