Another episode... or is it edition? Both!

Another episode... or is it edition? Both!

When I started wondering whether to call this another episode or edition of Words Worth Defending, I knew I had the words to include. So welcome to another episode (addition, entering beside; any part of the story, or a digression, complete in itself, of a serialized story; an incidental passage in a fugue) or edition (to put forth or publish; the size, style, or form in which a book is published).

For those of you who notice that material about books and remember that my big old dictionary actually has the words “Twentieth Century” in its title, don’t think of me as too traditional. (Traditional, yes — just not too traditional.)  Thanks to the software we use at Chicago Now, when I get this piece finished, I have a button to click on — a button that’s marked Publish. So when I am ready to “”put this forth” to you, it will get published.

I like the definitions of episode — I ‘m tired of it being used only for TV shows and medicine (as in “a migraine episode”). My cello and I are going to play some episodes — if I can find “us” some suitable fugues! Off to hunt for them.

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  • In the publishing in which I am involved, episode in a series is just a continuation, while edition is a replacement. Of course, there are peculiarities like "Permanent Edition" and "Second Edition, Revised" depending on whether they think they can start a new sales campaign or just ship on subscription. In the electronic age, this becomes fairly irrelevant, except for libraries that think that they have to have every print book of each edition or revision in their basement stacks.

    I guess the analogy in the TV world is whether it really is The Odd Couple if Tony Randall and Jack Klugman aren't in it, or whether M.A.S.H. was an episode of M.A.S.H. the movie. There were M.A.S.H. and After M.A.S.H. books, which clearly were episodes, except nobody cared about the latter.

  • Thanks, Jack. I appreciate your concern for both the distinctions and the irrelevancies -- both things that qualify a word for my defense list.

    The analogy to TV is a good one, yet I want to rescue the word "episode" from just being a piece of TV.

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