Another sort of typed post about 'kind'

Another sort of typed post about 'kind'
A worrisome pose

(NOTE: Thanks to my esteemed colleague, Chicago Now’s Aquinas Wired, I’m continuing the idea from yesterday’s post about the word “kind.” He said here that he kinda liked it. Well, let’s see about this sort of thing.)

So many meanings can fit into so few words! When I got thinking about saying “kind” instead of “nice,” I was defending only one of its definitions — gentleness, politeness, goodness; you know the kind of thing.

Then I got thinking about another sort of words with many definitions, and having to sort them out.  Nouns and verbs do make them easier to tell apart, but you can’t do that for all types of things.

There I go again — types. They can be bold type, or italic type, or both! Or they can just mean the kind of thing in a category.

Well, I’m kind of back to where I started, so that must be the sort of time to stop!

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