No 90-degree days? Fine with me!

No 90-degree days? Fine with me!
Oh well, the Air & Water Show will be shorter!

If you hear mysterious screaming coming from the direction of Edgewater, it’ll be me — and it’ll mean that I’ve heard one more person complain about the “terrible summer weather” we’re having.

Terrible? No! Look at it this way:

We can have the windows open and get fresh air–  instead of going out for fresh air and finding out there isn’t any.

We can wear layers and leave the top layers on near the lake.

Speaking (??) of the lake, it isn’t necessary to be up to your neck in the water to be tolerably cool.

Other parts of the country are struggling with drought. We’re struggling with our umbrellas — whether that’s like the girl in the illustration or just struggling to remember to bring them along can change by the day!

We had one of the all-time toughest winters. I remember snowier, colder ones… but I was much younger then. Last winter was rough! This summer, on the other hand, has had few days of heat. As soon as I learned to run the air conditioner in my new apartment, I had to learn to run its timer — I got too cold. I’m not complaining about the lower electricity bill.

So if you want to warm up, put on your jacket. These temperatures will seem like warmth soon enough!

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  • Thanks for the witty weather report!

    But just wait----temps in the 90's may be on the way by Thursday...

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    You're welcome. I owe you one post about words now! Meanwhile, I defer to your expertise on the forecasts... and everyone's warned about the possibilities of screaming, too!

  • I absolutely agree. I love moderation in all things, including the weather.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Hmmm... I was going to yell "Moderation for everybody!" But that wouldn't be moderate, after all. Thanks (again).

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