If there is any excellence... think about these things

If there is any excellence... think about these things
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So much of the world is in such turmoil. When something good happens, I want to be like this herald with the horn and make great noise about it. My cello’s not loud, though, and neither my throat nor my head is very fond of yelling.

But the more I see people trying to scare other people, the more I wonder if it isn’t like an addiction.

Have we even lost the words for describing the good things?

Let’s follow the biblical advice I edited into the headline — Saint Paul writing to the Philippians: “Whatever is good, whatever is just, whatever is honest, whatever is true, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” (I love the switch from the “whatevers” to the “ifs” — excellence and praise-worthiness not being as expected as the others, even millennia ago.)

Too much of what is marvelous, magnificent or just plain good is buried under the word “incredible.” As I’ve written about before (catch up here), the word “incredible” is a synonym for “unbelievable.” It’s not a synonym for greatness of either the good or evil type. Let’s save “incredible” for what it is and get those other words some exercise!

Whatever is:

Good — Cool weather; new school supplies; fresh fruit; a favorite Sustaining Book when you feel bad.

Honest — Friends’ opinions; trusted media reports; natural food.

True — See any of the above.

Excellence? — Jackie Robinson West baseball players, coaches and parents.

Worthy of praise? — Any of the above, plus the words to write about them and read about them.

Think about these things, dear readers, and peace be with you.



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