How My Son Got A New Liver

April is National Donate Life Month and Bunny, Pip, and I want you to be very aware because without organ donation and transplant, Pip wouldn't be with us today.

More than 115,000 men, women, and children need life-saving organ transplants right now and every 10 minutes, another name is added to the list. An average of 18 people die each day waiting for organs.

This month, I'm gonna tell Pip's story - a little bit every day. We need to improve these statistics. Learning more and talking more and sharing more is the first step.

April 1: A Pip is Born
April 2: Diagnosis (Part 1)
April 3: Diagnosis (Part 2)
April 4: Baby's First Portoenterostomy
April 5: Waiting
April 6: Bless His Pointy Little Head
April 7: Pip's First Halloween
April 8: Liver Transplant Protocol 101 (and other stuff)
April 9: Waiting and the Car Crash Metaphor
April 10: Listing
April 11: Wednesday's News
April 12: Pediatric Liver Disease (a photo gallery)
April 13: Never Get Sick on a Holiday
April 14: The Sickest Baby on the Floor
April 15: A Picture of Hope
April 17: Transplant Day
April 18: The View From My Chair
April 19: Riding the Rollercoaster
April 21: Week Two in the Ole PICU
April 22: The Rollercoaster Takes a Turn Toward Home
April 23: Pip Goes Home
April 24: Pip Today