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Hey, Divorced People, I Need Your Help

Hey – it seems like there are a number of divorced people who read this blog.  And, if you are anything like me, you knew nothing about divorce when you were getting divorced and you were probably emotional and frightened and exhausted and you trusted your lawyer to take care of you and draw up... Read more »

I Am the Working Poor

First of all, it’s important for you to know how normal I am.  Average-looking girl of average height and average build from a middle-class household in a middle-class neighborhood.  I might be just like you.  I have a degree from a performing arts conservatory and another one from a University.  Sure, they are both theater... Read more »

Christmas and Kids

When I was a kid, my sister and I would wake up very early on Christmas morning and we would gallop down the stairs and stare in wide-eyed awe at the bounty beneath the enormous tree.  We would have been up very late on Christmas Eve decorating said tree because my parents believed that Christmas... Read more »

Celebrate It When You Feel It

Here is tonight’s challenge:… “Create a new holiday, or holidays, that you believe should exist.” I have decided that, instead of all the normal holidays that are set in indelible ink on your calendar in a very oppressive way (and that make divorced parents feel like children on a playground with only one unbroken swing)... Read more »

Why I Can Not/Should Not Shop For Myself

The number one reason I typically cannot shop for myself is that I lack the funds to do so.  As in, I literally do not have one single dollar to spare right now. However, having put some of our expenses onto an Old Navy VISA card that I don’t remember signing up for but that... Read more »

Facebook Lies and That's OK

Every once in a while, a post filters through your newsfeed that says “I’m taking a much-needed break from Facebook.”   Or I sometimes talk to a friend who says that Facebook makes her feel depressed – because everyone else’s lives are so much better than her own. I get it.  I have taken a break... Read more »

That Which Does Not Kill Us Doesn't Make Us Stronger, It Simply Changes Our Perspective

I used to be terrified of getting lost.  Terrified.  I’m not sure what I thought would happen to me if I took a wrong turn and ended up in an unknown place for a while but the mere thought of it put me into panic mode. Then I went to Europe for a couple months... Read more »

Why the proposed minimum wage hike on the ballot gave me pause

I will admit, right here and now, that I did not keep up with all things election-related this year. OK.  This is actually true most years. I had my judge cheat-sheet.  I was as prepared as I generally am for these things. Then the question about minimum wage came up and I had to pause... Read more »

The Lessons We Learned This Dreary Halloween

Halloween 2014 started out cold and overcast as my golden ninja and police officer got ready for school. By the time my sister and I ran over to the school to be volunteers in the classroom Halloween parties, the wind was whipping so violently that a tree fell and blocked our way out of the... Read more »

How a group of women have made me rich beyond my wildest dreams

I have been blessed beyond measure to have an ever-expanding group of beautiful, strong, talented, fierce, caring women in my life.  This is the blog where I thank them and wish the same for you. It is easy to barrel through life – especially when things get really hard – and focus only on the... Read more »