I am a writer, director, performer in Chicago and a single mom in Evanston.  I have, in the past, written for and performed in the show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind as an ensemble member with The Neo-Futurists. I did that for about 10 years.  It was fun.  I also wrote book and lyrics for a musical called City Girl! and I created a couple environmental pieces called Alice and Fear that were pretty darn cool. And I co-wrote and performed in Sex! A Special Report From The News Show and Inside My Mouth.  And I performed in Devolution, Missing Parts, 44 Plays for 44 Presidents, and Poker Night at the White House.  All with The Neo-Futurists.  Good times.  But it's a difficult schedule to keep with two kids so I have mostly been writing and performing essays around Chicago of late.  Like at Write Club and Paper Machete.  And now I have a blog.

Oh!  I also have a theater production company called Upended Productions.  You can read about it at www.upendedproductions.com

I will warn you that I am many different things - because we all are.  One entry may be a sweet, poignant piece about a mother's love.  The next one might be a caustic rant about how much I tend to despise other suburban parents (not you, of course, you're different....) and the next week there might be a baudy entry about cybersex.  Cause cybersex is fun, yáll!  The main thing to remember is that blogs are opinion - just one person's opinion based on one person's experience and that experience is probably different from yours.  So maybe sometimes we'll disagree but I cannot offend you unless you CHOOSE to be offended by the opinion of a stranger and you should really not allow a stranger to exert that much power over your life.  Why would you do that?

If you'd like to write to me at all, you can email me at mamabunnyandpip@gmail.com  I'll totally write back.  I like to write.  You can also "like" me on the old Facebook and you can message me there and stuff.  We'll be besties in no time!