The Top Three Reasons Why Halloween Will Not Be Rained Out

There has been a cold, spitting rain falling since well before we awoke today. This type of weather is becoming a Halloween tradition. Last year, there was a monster storm as school was letting out that eventually quieted to a steady driving sleet with occasional gusts of wind carrying tiny, stinging hail. The year before that, it also rained but it was a warmer rain…not too bad, really, just very very wet.

There is discussion on Facebook again this year of Halloween being “rained out”.

But my children have trick-or-treated in all of it and they are preparing to head out at the designated time this year as well – no matter what.

Why? Lot’s of reasons. Lots. But here are the top three:

3) We live just outside of Chicago. We are north of Chicago. We are heading into winter in a location that is about an hour south of the Wisconsin border. In comparison to what’s coming, this weather is gorgeous.

2) Because no situation is perfect in life. And if you sit around waiting for perfection, life will pass you right on by. Or you’ll spend the whole thing just being miserable and wishing for something better instead of enjoying what you’ve got. I have one child who, in particular, has suffered my regular lectures and lessons on this subject and it is starting, slowly, to make a difference. She is now able to play in the snow even if some of it falls into her boots. She is able to recover (eventually) and continue to play outside after falling and getting icky mud on her knees (that one took some extra time but we got there). She was able to enjoy the pumpkin patch even after the ride tickets had run out sooner than we would have hoped. It’s progress. It’s important.

1) Our world is becoming more and more isolated. We don’t have the same type of tight communities we used to. We don’t know everyone in the neighborhood anymore. We don’t come together – friends and strangers – with a common goal very often. But with Halloween, friends and strangers all participate (except those jerks who turn off their porch lights and hide in the basement). Everyone knows their role: Candy buyers, door openers, parents trudging behind gaggles of squealing children and lugging all the discarded costume pieces, trick-or-treaters… Everyone plays a part that is essential to the operation. No one has to organize. No one has to send out an email chain. Everyone just does their thing – everyone plays a fairly easy, small part – and what it becomes is a nation-wide block party. That’s some magical stuff right there. And it only happens once a year and you only play your assigned role for a limited amount of time. And I’ll be damned if we aren’t gonna get right out there in it.

If it rains, it will rain on all of us – together – and parents will make eye contact with other parents as they pass and shake their heads and laugh and we’ll all survive with a story to tell. If the weather clears, we’ll all walk a little lighter and talk about how amazing it is that we aren’t getting soaked. But my kids will NOT miss their annual opportunity to have old ladies throughout north Evanston misidentify their costumes and tell them they look cute. Nuh uh. Not this year, baby. Not any year. Not until they graduate to candy passer-outer…and then trudging parent…and then candy buyer…and then misidentifier of costumes – which will all come, I’m afraid, much sooner than I would like.



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