Why Do You Care What Dolce and Gabbana Think?

Why?  Why do you care…at all?

They have an opinion about IVF.  They called children born via IVF “synthetic.”

Uh…..OK. That’s silly.  I disagree with them.


They are clothing designers.  Not legislators.


My daughter is in 4th grade and I have discovered that 4th grade is when the mean girls start cropping up.  Just a little.

So and so said this.  Whats-her-name said that.  Sophie A told Sophie that Anna 1 and Anna from Mr. B’s class said that Sophia and Sophie Q were talking about me!


(and why are they all named Anna or Sophie?)

It is so hard to explain to an almost-10-year-old with hurt feelings that the opinions of silly little girls don’t matter a lick. They won’t be part of most of her future, won’t have an impact on her career or her family or her choices or her lifestyle.

Sticks and stones, man.

Now that she’s in 4th grade, we have to have that conversation every once in a while.

I feel like sitting down with the whole of society and explaining that the opinions of two silly fashion designers don’t matter a lick.  They won’t be a part of your future, won’t have an impact on your career or your family or your choices or your lifestyle.

And you won’t ever have to look across the playground and see them whispering and wonder if they are whispering about IVF.  So that’s nice.

They are nothing to you.

The opinions of the people who share your dinner table?  THOSE matter.

The opinion of your boss matters if you would like to keep your job and get a raise.
(By the way, just putting it out there, I would like to keep my job and get a raise.  Thank you).

Your friends matter.  If they talk shit about you, though – or call your children “synthetic” – they are NOT your friends.  And that’s a good thing to find out. Try to do so before they borrow your favorite casserole dish.

When has Dolce (or Gabbana, even) EVER borrowed your casserole dish?  WHEN?!

Listen, y’all, for realsies, now.

We live in a world where everything everyone utters is recorded and spread about.  We hear everything everyone says the moment they say it.  But people have always had opinions and said nutty stuff. Everyone – from celebrities to your grandma – has been saying crazy-ass stuff since the beginning of time.  We used to just not hear so much about it all the time.

(Well, you always heard the crazy-talk from grandma but you just rolled your eyes and poured her another brandy).

It’s overwhelming.  It’s too much. But try not to let it drag you back to 4th grade.  Just because someone reports it, doesn’t mean it is AT ALL relevant to you. Because unless the person spewing crap is a legislator or your mama, the opinion doesn’t matter.  Let Dolce and Gabbana design their clothes in a mad, euphoric, science-hating frenzy. It matters not to you.

Cause Dolce and Gabbana aren’t your friends AND, more importantly,  Dolce and Gabbana aren’t funding the NIH.

If you really want to boycott something, Congress ain’t doing such a bang-up job of funding the NIH either.  And that kind of science-hating rhetoric actually WILL affect you.


ps. I had to google Gabbana so I could spell it correctly.  Then promptly forgot and had to google it again.  Know why? Because WHO CARES?!?!
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