Hey, Divorced People, I Need Your Help

Hey – it seems like there are a number of divorced people who read this blog.  And, if you are anything like me, you knew nothing about divorce when you were getting divorced and you were probably emotional and frightened and exhausted and you trusted your lawyer to take care of you and draw up an MSA (that’s a Marriage Settlement Agreement for you non-divorced folks) that would protect you from unexpected changes or disagreements for the next, like, 50 years or so, right?

My question is: After the divorce, as you found yourself (and still find yourself) living by that document in real divorced life rather than the hypothetical divorced life you were imagining when the document was written, what do you wish you had known?  What parts of your MSA do you wish you could change?  Have you been back to court and had it modified?  Why? What was wrong with it?  What do you wish you had been told?
Is there something in your MSA that has been particularly helpful?  Something that other divorced people have been like, “Oh, man.  I wish mine said that” and, if so, what is it and why?

I’m working on a project and I would love for it to be as comprehensive as possible.  So you can reply to this thread or you can email me at mamabunnyandpip@gmail.com

Please know that I would never use your name or your specific experience without your permission in writing.  You can be as generic or as detailed as you want – in public or in private – and you are safe.

Now, spill it.  I need you.

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