How a group of women have made me rich beyond my wildest dreams

I have been blessed beyond measure to have an ever-expanding group of beautiful, strong, talented, fierce, caring women in my life.  This is the blog where I thank them and wish the same for you.

It is easy to barrel through life – especially when things get really hard – and focus only on the task at hand or the twelve…or ninety-seven…daunting tasks ahead and not take the time to look around and take stock of what you have.  When you are struggling financially, it is easy to focus on what you lack and ignore the fact that you are rich beyond measure in all the ways that truly count.

I am rich in amazing, awe-inspiring women who count me as one of their own.

As such, I truly lack nothing.

I have a tight core of women – I mean really tight – and we have been together through job promotions and parental deaths and pregnancies and births and divorces and marriages and job loss and financial despair and moves and returns and holidays and illnesses and failures and successes.  We celebrate successes and we pick each other up when the rug is pulled out from under one of us and we are unfalteringly, unswayingly loyal.   Forever.  To a fault, even.  I love them like family.  They are family.  They are everything.

I forget to tell them sometimes so I am telling them now, in public, that they mean more to me than I can ever fully express.

I have heard some women say that they get along better with men than with women.  I have heard generalizations where groups of women are charged with cattiness or jealousy or disloyalty.  I have watched TV promos that say “We talk like women do” and then proceed to show clips of behind-the-hand gossip and back-biting and giggling about sex.

Ummmmm…..this has not been my experience.  At all.

I mean, I am sure there are women out there who are catty and manipulative.  There are all kinds of people out there – making the world go ’round. They exist, I guess, but they aren’t people I know and they certainly aren’t the norm. So, you know, just don’t hang with those women.

I also know some outstanding men.  Truly amazing, smart, loyal men.  I don’t mean to leave them out.  It’s just that this particular blog is about the women whose strength and love and care brings me to tears right now when I think about it.  And who inspire me to do better and try harder and be more.

And I noticed, recently, that I have a tendency to surround myself with women whenever possible.  My enormous show (which closes this weekend, by the way, hint hint) has a staff of only 3.  Me and two other women.  Two women so together and capable that I could probably just not show up one day and they’d run the show like clockwork.

Sometimes my household gets surprise boxes.  Boxes of beautiful clothing that a friend’s daughter has outgrown.  Gifts for one of the kids “just because” from amazing, strong women I love in other parts of the country.  My college professor-turned-mentor-turned-lifelong-friend flew in from Florida to see my show because she knew it was important.  A gift came to me from NYC to encourage me to launch my new company and produce the show I wanted to produce.  That’s loyalty, yáll.

My sister deserves a blog entry all her own but, until that comes, my sister is phenomenal and life-saving.

That’s women.  Thinking of other women.  Bestowing a random kindness upon other women.  Encouraging and backing other women.  Without pomp or circumstance.  Just support and care and strength and character.

I Love Women.

My fingers are itching to list these women individually but I am afraid I’d leave someone out.

So I’ll just say this.  Thank you.  For the brunches, the career counseling, the phone calls, the hard work, the child care, the hospital visits, the advocacy, the COTA management, the Facebook message group, the fundraising, the random gifts, the culottes, the truthfulness even when it’s hard to hear, the advice, the cheer-leading, the strength, the humor, the laughter, the wine, the songs, the love, and the hope.

Thank you.

This is a video of a dance from So You Think You Can Dance (which is, in my opinion, one of the best shows on television but I really need to write a whole blog entry on that).

I have watched this dance about a million and twelve times.  (No, I do not exaggerate. EVER).  I cry every time.  THIS is what a group of women who love each other can be.  One falls and we pick her up.  If you are surrounded by the right circle of fiercely strong, loyal women friends, you have room to leap and yet they are right there to provide a cushion if you stumble.  There is a moment at :51 where one of them looks frightened and she ducks under the arms of the other women and is enveloped for a moment and then they lift her up and she goes flying forward to the front again – strong and confident.  This is my experience with the women in my life.  Especially in the past two and a half years.  And I will be grateful for the remainder of my days.

I love you guys!
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