I'm No Snowflake, I'm a Mom and Trump Is Threatening My Son

The other night, while Pip and I were watching Bunny in her middle school musical, I missed a text from my friend across the alley.  Had I seen her son?  Was he at my place? Twenty minutes later, a second text told me he was found playing in a friend’s backyard.  I got both texts... Read more »

I Am, Therefore I Homework (a screwed up philosophy)

Tonight, I made the mistake of having a wonderful evening with my children.  As soon as I left work, we hurried over to do the final walkthrough at the new townhouse I am purchasing on Friday (if all goes well…knock wood….spin three times etc).  The realtor and Bunny and I watched from the big picture... Read more »

My response to all your hateful, ignorant Facebook memes in one (easy to share) blog entry

My boyfriend was born and raised and still lives in the near north suburbs of Chicago. He is still friends with people he went to high school with. I don’t mean Facebook friends – I mean actual hanging-out type friends….when he has free time….which is pretty rare as he also works in the family business... Read more »

The Apology Letter Starbucks Never Meant For You To See

You guys!  This apology letter was found in a waste basket by a third nephew twice removed on my mom’s side while he was working as a janitor in Starbucks headquarters.  It was written by a senior intern in the art department and I think it really clears up this whole controversy. Here it is:... Read more »

The Top Three Reasons Why Halloween Will Not Be Rained Out

There has been a cold, spitting rain falling since well before we awoke today. This type of weather is becoming a Halloween tradition. Last year, there was a monster storm as school was letting out that eventually quieted to a steady driving sleet with occasional gusts of wind carrying tiny, stinging hail. The year before... Read more »

The fruit of my memories

There were lychees at the grocery store today.  In a tiny bowl, covered in fruit flies, there were ripe lychees that did not, for once, cost the typical Midwest premium of $100 for 3.  They were $2.49 per pound. I didn’t buy that many.  Just a few – in case they were rotten or otherwise... Read more »

My Saturday as a Reality Show Script

I have been neglecting my blog.  This is because I have been torn between the every-day existence that seems too mundane to write about and the aspects of my life that are so surreal that I am unable to find the words to express them. Fortunately, I was flipping through the channels of the ol’ basic cable... Read more »

Number 473 on the list of things you shouldn't say

I went to dinner with a dear friend who now lives on the other side of the US.  She had invited a bunch of her favorite ladies to dinner and I was one (an honor, to be sure).  I don’t really know her friends though I may have met one or two of them so... Read more »

How Clarice Starling Came to Live at My Condo

First of all, let me preface this post by telling you that I do not like birds.  I don’t like them.  I mean, I like to sit on one side of glass and watch them at a bird feeder on the other side of glass.  And I like to see the robins come out in... Read more »

Why Do You Care What Dolce and Gabbana Think?

Why?  Why do you care…at all? They have an opinion about IVF.  They called children born via IVF “synthetic.” Uh…..OK. That’s silly.  I disagree with them. WHO. CARES?! They are clothing designers.  Not legislators. So WHO CARES?!!! My daughter is in 4th grade and I have discovered that 4th grade is when the mean girls... Read more »