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High-Traffic Avenues Are The Key To Urban Revitalization

There are those who claim traffic is a massive problem to be solved with other transportation options.  Some traffic, such as highway traffic, really doesn’t serve any useful economic purpose. But not so for street traffic of the streetcar, driving, or walking varieties.  Street traffic in the streets of a neighborhood is akin to blood... Read more »

McMansion-ize, Suburban-ize My City Part 1: The Reason For Homogenized Development and Mega-block Blank Walls

Whoops, there goes the neighborhood. Pictured above is the contrast between the extant cityscape on North Clark Street vs its replacement — an approved development at Addison and Clark. There is nothing Chicagoan about the prospective development.  The developers hope to get AAA-rated drug store or big box tenants.  They hope to land a world... Read more »

An Underutilized Asset: Moving Maxwell Street Market

Maxwell Street Market used to be situated in a poor immigrant community serving as a market for those who could barely afford to keep the clothes on their back. It was a market for those rejected by the wealthy and genteel, or those derided by racists. It provided an opportunity for experimental musicians who wouldn’t... Read more »

Corporatism vs Capitalism: what the difference means for Chicago

I recently used this space to go on about how to change the city’s civic culture and restructure government from the bottom up (see here). But the beliefs of the citizenry governed are just as important to this city’s future as the method that that citizenry is governed because ultimately politicians must conform. It therefore... Read more »

Addressing violent crime in Chicago

Everybody can see the problem — Chicago somehow racks up more murders than New York, a city triple its size. Unfortunately, crime is a problem with causes difficult to pinpoint. With such elusive and diffused social sources, city policy often ends up hopelessly attacking the symptoms and following patterns just recently broken.  Crime inevitably elicits... Read more »

Solving the South Side transportation problem

The case for citizen-operated mass transit One major reason it’s been so far possible to continue inefficient profligate spending and debt in the public sector in this country is our history with a previously free and efficient economy. Until recently the massive structural deficits created by generous public handouts hadn’t had an easily noticeable effect... Read more »

The Immoral Teachers' Union

I recently commented on kittykat’s comment on the recent Young Republicans’ post about the immorality of teachers’ strikes. I’ll put my thoughts here, too. One of the arguments put forward by the poster is that teachers will be doing 20 to 30 percent more work with the longer day and year. Firstly, no they won’t.... Read more »

Moving toward more representative governance in Chicago, Part 2

Part 2: The implications for Chicago, and how to take power from the hands of the machine and shift it to the hands of the citizens in Chicago’s neighborhoods   We’re picking up after a discussion of the possibility of greatly increasing the size of legislatures at the Federal and State level.  Reference Part 1.... Read more »


Hello. Welcome to the ‘Make No Little Plans’ blog. So what does this blog aim to do?? Well, here’s my abstract of sorts. ‘Make No Little Plans’ is about the economic and policy issues that are affecting our fine city. It’s about why this city was destined to be more than it has become and... Read more »