In 1924, Charles H. Wacker predicted that by 1974 Chicago would have a population of 18 million souls. (Chicago Journal, April 22, 1924)  Instead it's lost a million people since 1950.  There is something to the claim that Chicago is the most American city, that the state of the capital of the heartland is a microcosm for state of the country around it.  Much like the nation, it may be staring out over the brink, too large, powerful, and arrogant to accept that it must institute significant course corrections to avoid the unpleasant consequences of past failures to do so.

This blog will attempt to properly diagnose local problems and identify practical solutions that do more than mask symptoms.  Because of these years' particular significance to the future fortunes of both Chicago and America, our city cannot afford to dismiss potential solutions out of hand.  The simplest, most effective, and most practical ideas may also be the most politically unpalatable, but Chicagoans owe it to the future of their windy city to embrace debate within its broad shoulders.

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