Fall TV Premieres: Lady Drama Edition

Fall TV Premieres: Lady Drama Edition

More new shows premiered this week and they all had one major thing in common; they were all female led dramas! Cheers to that. And none of them sucked. Double cheers to that! Although none of them were too spectacular either. Oh well, we can’t have it all. Below the shows are ranked from good to mediocre.

Conviction (ABC): A procedural is a procedural is a procedural. But what sets apart the hits from the forgotten is a good cast and a good hook. Conviction is lucky to have both. As former first daughter turned parry girl turned warrior for justice Haley Atwell oozes charm and likeability. Plus she’s already proven more than capable of carrying her own series. And in a post Making a Murderer world, a series following an innocence project of sorts is pure genius.

No Tomorrow (The CW): How would you live if you believed the world only had eight more months of existence? Such is the premise of No Tomorrow. Evie’s (Tori Anderson) comfortable, safe life gets rocked when she gets pulled into the orbit of the hot hunk down the street. Xavier, with an X, (Joshua Sasse) believes that an asteroid is heading straight for Earth in approximately eight months and therefore he is living as if, well, there’s no tomorrow. An interesting premise, to be sure, but it is hard to see how it can continue, at least past eight months. But for now, Anderson and Sasse’s chemistry is decent and each brings enough charm on their own. The pilot brought more than a few laugh out loud moments (the pogo stick into the dumpster kills me every time) and that bodes well for at least one entertaining season

Timeless (NBC): If nothing else, Timeless earns kudos in my book for addressing my two most pressing questions within seconds of my voicing them. One, why anyone would think it’d be a good idea to send a black man back in time and two, why everything felt so urgent when there was a literal time machine sitting in the room. Granted, those two questions didn’t get solid answers, but the mere fact they were addressed is heartening. In truth, with any time travel show you can’t get too hung up on the logic because, well, time travel. Timeless, which follows a professor (Abigail Spencer), a scientist (Malcolm Barrett) and a solider (Matt Lanter) as they travel to major historical events and try to thwart a time-travelling terrorist intent on “killing America in the crib,” is everything you’d think it would be, for better or worse. There were several cheesy, over the top moments in the pilot, but there was also quite a bit of fun. And honestly, a procedural set around a different historic event each week doesn’t sound like the worst idea.

Frequency (The CW): Another day, another take on time travel. In this new series the past and the present collide when Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List) discovers an old ham radio that allows her to speak to her father (Riley Smith)… who was killed in 1996. If that sounds like a better premise for a movie than a TV series, that’s because it was. Based on the 2000 movie of the same name, Frequency takes the premise, a child attempting to save their father’s life through a magic radio, and expands upon it. This time around there’s also a serial killer to thwart! This pilot had a lot to unpack and it did stagger under the weight of it all at times, but the fact it didn’t completely collapse means it just might stand a chance.

What did you guys think of this week’s premieres? Let me know in the comments and check out more new fall show reviews here!


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