Outlander Review: Vengeance Is Mine

Outlander Review: Vengeance Is Mine

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Outlander Season 2, Ep. 11 – “Vengeance Is Mine.”

After a few war heavy episodes, Outlander took a sidestep into the bread and butter of this show; Jamie and Claire getting into shenanigans that one has to then rescue the other from. And even though we’ve seen this play out numerous times, it never ceases to be exciting.

It helps when the shenanigans are littered with familiar faces. As Jamie, Claire and the rest of the highlanders fled, fought and escaped from various English soldiers and sympathizers, they ran into Monroe, Mary Hawkins and the Duke of Sandringham.

It might feel a bit too convenient that all these people suddenly popped back into the story at exactly the right moment, but then you remember that this is a story about time travel and just accept it for what it is.

So, Claire sacrificed herself as a faux hostage to the English soldiers to ensure the rest of the men could escape; Monroe happened to be begging in the town where she was taken and managed to get to Jamie in time to relay several messages about her whereabouts; and Claire was taken to the Duke’s home where Mary also happened to be staying. And thus the stage was set for another epic rescue mission.

As Claire was waiting for Jamie to show up, she learned that the Duke had ordered the attack on her and Mary in Paris and the man that raped Mary still worked for him. A fact that came in quite handy when Jamie did show up and the fight ensued. So, Mary Hawkins was granted the opportunity for revenge on her attacker (an opportunity she grabbed with both, surprisingly adept at stabbing, hands), while Jamie still awaits his own opportunity.

Perhaps seeing Mary’s demeanor after killing her rapist will sway Claire into changing her mind about Jamie killing Randall. Mary did seem uncharacteristically calm, especially after stabbing a man and then watching her godfather get beheaded. Or maybe Claire will go ahead and let Mary marry Randall, even if it means condemning her to a painfully violent life just so that in 200 years Claire will be able to abandon Frank again to take up with Jamie.

But, back to that fight and the beheading that ended it. Outlander gets points for providing the most surprising beheading since season one of Game of Thrones. It might even surpass it since, before it actually happened, beheading wasn’t even on the table. A small part of me is said that the Duke is gone just because he was a deliciously sinister villain, but for the most part its better that he’s gone considering he was truly terrible.

Next week its back to the doomed rebellion, but I, for one, am extremely happy that we got this respite from war talk.

NOTE: As this is a review of the TV show, and only the TV show, please limit comments to discuss only the events that have occurred in episodes that have aired as of this date. Thank you.


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