Series Premiere: Preacher Review

Series Premiere: Preacher Review

Going into this week’s premiere of AMC’s newest series, Preacher (produced and directed by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg), I knew next to nothing. I had seen one trailer and that trailer looked so insane I was intrigued even if I had no idea what the show was about. And you can’t say that wasn’t the definition of truth in advertising. The pilot was, in fact, insane; I still have no idea what is going on, but I’m more intrigued than ever.

While most pilots worry themselves with setting up worlds and characters through exposition and plot, Preacher mostly ambled from scene to scene, building a rich, colorful world and complex, interesting characters but never really bothering to explain the point of said world or its inhabitants.

More like a fever dream than a cohesive story, Preacher took bits of violence, religion and the supernatural, blended them together and served it up with a straw. And you know what, it wasn’t actually that bad.

As with any show, a good cast goes a long way towards covering up any storytelling faltering. This cast, led by Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun and Ruth Negga, proved themselves more than capable of turning what could be all out nonsense into entertaining art.

After a week of watching trailers for upcoming fall shows, a lineup littered with family sitcoms, procedurals and sweeping dramas, it is beyond refreshing to see a show that literally defies description. Is it a western? Southern gothic? Black comedy? Supernatural comic? All of the above? Who can say. I can say that, while I may not have always understood what I was seeing, I was constantly entertained.

Final Verdict: How can you not tune back in to see where this is all headed? Of if its headed anywhere at all.

*Preacher airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. 


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