Scandal Recap: Trump Card

Scandal Recap: Trump Card

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 5, Ep. 20 – “Trump Card.”

“But, may I say how glad I am that you have chosen to never go to therapy. It has served us so well.” — Cyrus

For many seasons now I have railed against the impassioned speeches that became the only way the characters in Scandal could communicate. But, it turns out that they can feel fresh and invigorating again, as long as you have some new people giving them.

First, from Edison, we got a wonderfully cathartic take down of everything Trump, I mean Doyle, has been spouting for far too long and then we got the break-up speech to top all break-up speeches from Susan Ross. It still stretches believability that people would talk to each other in this way, but when the message is so on point and the delivery so perfect, it no longer matters. This is the spark that first drew me to Scandal and I am so thrilled to have it back.

Aside from those two shining moments, this episode felt every bit what it was: the build up to next week’s finale. All the unessential plotlines got wrapped up, the essential ones progressed and the remaining nominees dropped out of the race and now the stage is set.

Thanks to Susan, Doyle and Edison dropping out of the election, next season looks like it will be a show down between Cyrus and Olivia. But, before we can get to that, Olivia needs to face off against her father. Olivia began the episode telling Cyrus that her father could not be stopped and then ended the episode by stopping him.

Well, if not stopping, then severely slowing him down. Obliviously the only way to truly stop Papa Pope is to put a bullet in his head and then burn his body and spread the ashes into each ocean across the globe. And maybe a little into space. But, will Olivia be able to pull that trigger?

All signs point to yes. She’s already proved she’s capable of murder when pushed to the edge, she is fully aware that her father has no qualms with destroying her life and Jake ended the episode by sending up a flare, begging that Olivia save him the same way she saved Edison. A few episodes ago Olivia was ready to give up everything for a chance at happiness with Jake. Perhaps this entire season of PTSD Olivia has been building to the moment when Olivia can finally get closure for a lifetime of damage by removing the source of that damage once and for all.

Only one week until we find out. See you then, gladiators.


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