Scandal Recap: That's My Girl

Scandal Recap: That's My Girl

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen the Scandal Season 5 Finale, “That’s My Girl.”

“If I only went where I was welcome I’d never leave the house.” — Rowan

So, just to make sure I’m understanding this correctly, all season we’ve been worried about Jake and the maniacal hold Rowan wielded over him and all along the answer to his escape was… just leave?

You’re right, ABC, I did not predict that.

So, yeah, a season long build up ended with Jake simply walking out the door while Rowan watched. But, of course, as the end of the episode proved, this was never about getting Jake to the White House. It was about getting Olivia there. Rowan has been murdering innocent people and psychologically torturing Jake for months just to give Olivia incentive to become the monster he always knew she could be. It would almost be sweet if it weren’t for every single part of that previous sentence.

Meanwhile, poor Jake is still stuck running for an office he doesn’t want under the thumb of Papa Pope 2.0. How was this ever a real solution? If Olivia believed that Rowan wanted Jake to become the vice president, she’s only helping him by adding him to Mellie ticket as the vice president. What is to stop Rowan from killing Mellie and continuing to run Jake, and the country, with his magical mind control powers?

And somehow, these series of events led to Cyrus naming himself as Frankie’s running mate. Him. The openly gay, former Republican married to a hooker. Who just broke up (in the coldest, most abrupt way) with his trained assassin/spy boyfriend who knows all of his deepest secrets. Secrets that include murder, election tampering and more murder. A little light coke dealing doesn’t look so bad now.

As underwhelming as this season finale was, I suppose it served as the punctuation of Olivia’s transformation. All season we’ve watched her struggle with who she is and what she wants. And it turns out she wants to be her father. I think that message was really brought home when she smashed a man’s face in with a chair and basically shrugged it off, but hey, this episode was fun too.

At least this finale left us with a pretty good idea of where next season will go; an all out war between Cyrus and Olivia over the Oval Office. And, honestly, that’s a match-up I can’t wait to see.


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