Outlander Review: Faith

Outlander Review: Faith

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Outlander Season 2, Ep. 7 – “Faith.”

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ does this show know how to pack an emotional punch. However, unlike a show like Game of Thrones, which also deals primarily in misery porn, Outlander always manages to calm the overpowering sadness because above all else this is a love story. And, like all the great, sweeping love stories before it, Jamie and Claire’s love is strong enough to carry them through even the harshest of circumstances.

But damn are these circumstances harsh.

This week alone Claire’s husband was imprisoned; she lost her baby; she learned that her greatest enemy raped a child in her care and that said enemy is still alive; was roped into becoming judge, jury and executioner for a friend and a foe; accidently poisoned said foe and was then raped by the king. That is more strife than most people endure in a lifetime, but it only gets added to a long list of ordeals the Frasers have dealt with in their short time together.

And still, after a mountain of troubles that would tear most couples apart, Jamie and Claire’s love only grew stronger. They both accepted their responsibility for what happened (a first for Claire) and agreed to move forward in their lives together.

They also decided to return to Scotland; a move I thought meant they had given up their plan to stop the Jacobite rebellion, but the previews for next week seem to prove me wrong. I really wish that after everything that happened this week, and in the weeks and years previously, they would just run off somewhere together and enjoy their lives instead of continuing to meddle with history. But then I suppose there would be no show.

Either way, The Fraser’s time in Paris had ended. It took far too much from them and did nothing to further their cause, but they did look damn fine in those clothes. That, at least, will be sorely missed.


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