Series Premiere: Containment Review

Series Premiere: Containment Review

When I first picked Containment as one of the most promising shows of the season I observed that it looked more like a movie than a television series. Turns out it’s the best of both worlds; a limited series event. That means it has the more cinematic qualities of a movie but with the time to really explore characters that you can only get with a TV show.

Containment opened on a literal war scene, with people sick and desperate with the government attempting to help them… without getting too close. Then we took a step back to see how this epidemic began. Patient zero, a young Assyrian named Sayed, showed up at a hospital in Atlanta with what he thought was a bad cold.  Unfortunately he didn’t stick around long enough to find out he was actually carrying a vicious virus that would soon have an entire zone on lockdown.

Our touchstones in this quarantine include a single mother and her grade school students, a pregnant teen (Hanna Mangan Lawrence) who just wants to run away with her boyfriend, and a police major (Alex Carnahan) in over his head whose girlfriend (Christina Marie Moses) gets stuck on the other side of the fence.

Containment drifted toward melodrama occasionally, but they also didn’t shy away from addressing uncomfortable themes, such as the response to this threat being heightened because patient zero was a Middle Eastern man. Considering that the rest of this series will deal with the effects of quarantine in a racially diverse city, it’s heartening to know that these issues will be dealt with.

Final Verdict: It certainly intriguing and could be entertaining enough for a limited series events. Don’t have time for it now? Set the DVR, this series seems tailor made for binging.

*Containment airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. 


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