Series Premiere: The Family Review

Series Premiere: The Family Review

The Family managed what any decent mystery thriller hopes to accomplish within its series premiere; it left us with a lot of questions. And, more importantly, it made those questions compelling.

The titular family is the Warren’s, a New England family helmed by a political mother. In flashbacks to ten years previously we see Claire Warren (Joan Allen) beginning her political career on the same day her youngest son, Adam, goes missing. Fast forward ten years, Claire is now the mayor of Red Pines, Maine and Adam, presumed dead, stumbles back into the narrative.

The most obvious question, where was Adam, is also the least pressing. As the pilot unfolded we were introduced to a whole mess of complications; from the wrongfully imprisoned neighbor who’s now freed to Adam’s sister, Willa (Alison Pill) planting evidence on said neighbor and from the investigating officer, Nina Meyer’s (Margot Bingham) guilt over her career making case to her also guilt inducing affair with John Warren (Rupert Graves).  But the most interesting question was raised by Adam’s brother, Danny (Zach Gilford); is this really Adam?

A crack team of journalists is already hot on this line of questioning, but with all the other secrets and lies floating around this family its certain there’s plenty to uncover before they get to the whole truth. Perhaps even a whole season’s worth.

Final Verdict: This is exactly the kind of show midseason calls for, a dark, twisty thriller with just enough intrigue to keep you interested for half a season. Set your DVR’s accordingly.

*New episodes of The Family will air Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. 


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