How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Finale Recap

How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Finale Recap

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen the How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 finale, “Anna Mae.”

“You love me. Everybody love me.” — Ophelia

True to form, How to Get Away with Murder spun its wheels for forty minutes and then gave us one bombshell after another in the last five minutes. Yes, there were some genuinely good twists this hour, but for the most part Annalise spent this episode getting some much needed closure.

Thanks to her sojourn home, Annalise was able to process the grief of losing her son and take a teeny, tiny baby step towards forgiving her father. Not too fast, though. Too much personal growth at once can give you the spins.

All that motherly healing managed to give Annalise her spark back. With an arrest warrant issued Annalise kicked it into high gear and pulled out a folder of evidence against… Caleb Hapstall. Apparently, when Philip attacked her he only did so to give her a flash drive of evidence that proves Caleb killed his mother. Then Nate convinced Catherine to admit she couldn’t alibi her brother for the night of their parents’ murders. So yeah, all that time and effort investigating this murder and it was essentially the original suspect all along. Why exactly receiving this information caused Annalsie to run away to Tennessee remains a mystery. Probably best not to think about it too hard.

Anyway, with that little mess all cleared up it was onto a question that’s been nagging since season one; why exactly would Frank kill Lila for Sam? Because he owed Sam for accidently, inadvertently killing his unborn son! Duh! Turns out that ten years ago, amidst the Mahoney case debacle, Frank took a substantial sum of money to bug Annalise’s hotel room. Therefore, when Annalise declared that she would turn Mahoney in for being a blackmailer, rapist and general jerk, they were able to crash into her car. Sounds like a lot of work to stop one lawyer from spilling secrets she has no way to back up.

But why those extreme lengths were went to will remain another mystery because when Wes went to confront his murderous maybe father, he was shot in the head right in front of Wes. And thus we have a murder to get away with next season. Praise be.

Of course it doesn’t seem that hard to figure out. Frank found out that Mahoney was Wes’ father then he disappears. A few hours later Mahoney is dead. But of course this is HTGAWM so the easiest answer is also the least likely. It was probably Conner.


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