Quantico Recap: Quantico

Quantico Recap: Quantico

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Quantico Season 1, Ep. 10 – “Quantico.”

This week I’ll be dispensing with the usual ranking of potential terrorist suspects because, honestly, the episode didn’t really add much new information on our usual crew. In fact, it didn’t do much of anything. One week away from the winter finale, Quantico took a major breather to focus on interpersonal relationships rather than plot.

This season has experienced a lot of uneven storytelling. One week will be pure, unadulterated fun and then the next week is over the top schmaltz. This episode was the weakest by far. Everyone acted completely out of character and problems were created out of nothing but the need for Alex to suddenly be abandoned by her allies.

But seriously, what was everyone’s problem? The FBI has narrowed down the list of suspects to the most recent class of NATs, except for Alex who has been proven innocent by her peers. Therefore, the heads of the operation and Alex are the only people above reproach. According to them, I still have my suspicions about Liam. Either way, it doesn’t take an special agent to realize everyone who isn’t Alex is going to be suspect. Also, a team of FBI agents should have a clear idea of who is in charge of an operation and it clearly isn’t the woman who is 20 hours away from incarceration.

Yet, when everyone found out they were being watched, they immediately turned on Alex, accusing her of betraying them. What now? Even if Alex was in control of the surveillance, who cares if you have nothing to hide? They had no problem spying on their other fellow agents, but how dare anyone think to keep an eye on them. The whole point is that it’s an agent behind the attacks so if you care about saving the world or whatever, maybe just hold off on your shady shenanigans until that terrorist is caught.

But, whatever. Once again this episode worked really hard to make Asher look guilty. And he is… sorta. He admitted that he did plan an attack similar to the one at Grand Central, but he claims he never intended for the bombs to go off, just to spark peace talks between Jews and Muslims, you know, how bombs tend to do.

And of course he planned his peace bombs at the elite FBI training facility, because why not. So clearly someone stole the plans and turned his weapons of discourse into an actual terrorist act. Maybe someone like Ellis, who then showed up at Simon’s house and drugged him.

I guess Ellis is now at the top of the potential terrorist list, but I would stake good money that by the end of next week’s winter finale he isn’t even on the list at all.


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