Quantico Recap: Inside

Quantico Recap: Inside

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Quantico Season 1, Ep. 11 – “Inside.”

Ain’t no party like a Quantico holiday party because a Quantico holiday party ends with surprise second bomb… in the future. In fact, that last second twist was so good I’ll overlook the fact they totally copped out on revealing a terrorist by making Elias nothing more than a pawn in the greater scheme. Besides, without a concrete terrorist we get to make another list!

Potential Terrorists:

Caleb Haas – Caleb’s familial issues run deep. There was a lot of build up, courtesy of Caleb’s mom, Claire (Marcia Cross), regarding Caleb’s “good heart” and vulnerability when it comes to nefarious organizations. Add in the final scene of Caleb investigating the vaults of the bank where the surprise bomb was actually planted and it doesn’t look too good for ol’ Caleb. But, much like Simon for the first half of this season, these recent developments feel too convenient to be more than a red herring. Unless his parents are truly so awful that he would kill thousands of innocent people just to get to them.

Hmm, I guess it’s kinda of a short list this week.

Honestly, this episode was more concerned with setting up new love triangles (but please don’t subject us to any “steamy” Liam/Alex scenes) than giving us any other viable suspects in the bombings.

My Charlie theory is looking less likely now that Charlie reappeared on Miranda’s doorstep looking very much like a kidnapping victim. Even Liam is looking less guilty now that he’s spent the last few episodes trying to help Alex. The landscape was so lacking in real leads I had to come up with my own crazy, completely unfounded theory…

Claire Haas – It was revealed this week that Claire was on the scene on September 11th and photographs of her entering the second tower played a large part in getting her elected as a senator. So… perhaps a little reminder of what a hero she is would be helpful in electing her again. Yeah, it’s a stretch, but if it turns out Claire magically escaped from the headquarters before it blew, this is officially my new favorite theory.

For now. Since the show won’t be returning until March we have plenty of time to come up with all sorts of crazy theories.


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