Quantico Recap: Over

Quantico Recap: Over

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Quantico Season 1, Ep. 8 –“Over.”

After successfully evading the FBI for days, Alex realized that whoever was framing her had another attack planned and the only way to thwart them was to turn herself in. That is some dedication to country. So, while Alex prepares to be tortured hard, let’s take a look at this week’s list of suspects.

Potential Terrorists:

Nimah/Raina – And they’re back to being considered as one. They’re also back to not being very prime suspects. Mostly because, once again, we didn’t see them in the present day. The only unfolding plotline they’re associated with is the withering romance with Asher.

Shelby Wyatt – So the suspicious, late-night phone calls and money transfers were explained. Shelby has a half-sister in Saudi Arabia that she helps support. That all sounds reasonable enough. Of course it is suspect that the bank her sister uses also has terrorist ties…

Simon Asher – Simon spent a lot of the week weighing his options between Nimah and Raina, but when he wasn’t getting shot down he was making super suspicious calls to his bomb making buddy. He still feels like too easy of a suspect, but he sure does make it hard to clear his name completely.

Caleb Haas – Caleb claimed that his big secret is a past association with a cult, but that hardly scratches the surface of Caleb’s secrets. At the very least he’s still connected to the cult or, worst case scenario, he found another organization that made him feel special in a way mommy and daddy never could.

Charlie Price – My Charlie theory gained major traction this week. After a day on the job with his mom, Charlie expressed his own desires to be an agent. When his mom gently pointed out that his criminal record completely ruled that option out, Charlie went back to his sullen teenager routine, but this time with a twist. The twist being that he (maybe) stabbed his mom and then hightailed it out of the house. This boy does not take rejection well.

Liam O’Connor – In the Quantico lesson of the week Liam framed Alex as a terrorist. So yeah, that seems like a pretty big red flag.

Director Clayton – But maybe not as big as deleting the one piece of evidence that points to Alex’s innocence. He claimed he deleted the email about someone using Alex’s keycard because it could potentially leak his affair with Shelby. But that seems careless, at the very least. We learned this week that Liam has been stalking Alex because a long, long time ago Liam and her father accidently got 204 people killed. And then they covered it up. Oops. Liam (and Miranda) also insinuated that some other agents involved in the cover up have moved up high in the agency. Like, deputy director high? Sounds like Clayton just got a little thing called motive.

But, I’m thinking that the real clue about what’s happening came within the first few minutes of this episode. While Nimah moved into her new room with Alex back at Quantico Alex marveled at the fact Nimah and her sister were able to pull of their deception for so long. Nimah replied, “You can sell any lie you want if you have enough help.” Perhaps we shouldn’t be looking at just one potential terrorist working alone within the FBI. Maybe a handful of these suspects are actually working together.


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