Quantico Recap: Guilty

Quantico Recap: Guilty

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Quantico Season 1, Ep. 9 – “Guilty.”

If you were an FBI agent who faked a crime scene to catch a serial killer and you were now tasked with putting together a lesson involving fake crimes attributed to serial killers for the trainees to weed out, would you include the crime scene that you yourself faked? I’m thinking I would not, but then I am also not constantly prepared to kill anyone who crosses me with a syringe of poison, so what do I know?

Regardless, this episode wasn’t about the lesson of the week. No, this week we got even more people joining Team Alex, more evidence to support various suspects and some very interesting interrogating tactics. Let’s dive in!

Potential Terrorists:

Caleb Haas – Caleb quickly joined Team Alex this week and helmed the initiative to clear her name before she could be interrogated to death. Not the actions of a terrorist framing a friend.

Nimah/Raina – The twins were also critical in investigating Alex’s innocence. They used their special twin powers (i.e. looking exactly the same) to sneak out and comb over the blind spot where Alex disappeared. They determined that on the morning of the bombing Alex was abducted, drugged and stuffed into a duffle bag.

Shelby Wyatt – In flashbacks Caleb received a phone call from his father claiming that Shelby’s sister, you know the one she’s been funneling millions to in the Middle East, might not even exist. Of course, if Director Haas really suspected Shelby was a terrorist would he be sleeping with her now?

Director Haas/Liam O’Conner – These two are entering the list together because to my way of thinking if one of them is complicit, they both are. So far, the case against Alex is only damning because no other cases have been looked into. That responsibility falls squarely on these two men. Maybe they’re just bad agents, or maybe they purposefully sabotaging the investigation to frame Alex. And it’s not like they even have to work that hard. It took close to no effort to convince Alex to plead guilty.

Simon Asher – Every time I think its clear that Simon is a red herring he goes and does something that I can’t explain away. This time, back in Quantico days, he contacted his bomb-making friend to get him blueprints for all the train stations in the city. If someone can think of any legitimate reason he would need those, please let me know because I really don’t want him to be the terrorist.

Charlie – But then there’s Charlie. Miranda claims that her son was the one who attacked her even though she never got a good look at him. Evidence seems to support the idea that Charlie was kidnapped, but clearly the terrorist we are looking for is skilled in making the evidence say whatever they want. Right now the Charlie stuff is firmly planted on her exteriors, which will only make it all the more “shocking” when the truth is revealed. I may not know how to spot a terrorist, but I know how to spot a TV twist.

What say you, fellow viewers? Did I leave off your prime suspect? Does anyone understand why Liam was drinking so heavily or why Alex cared so much? Let me know in the comments!


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