Quantico Recap: Go

Quantico Recap: Go

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Quantico Season 1, Ep. 7 – “Go.”

Jeez, I wish some of my college midterms had been as easy as what the NATs faced this week. Sure, there was a slight chance they might have blown up at any moment, but basically they just had to not leave the room and they passed. I am super good at not leaving rooms. Not to brag, but I’ve been in the same room for like the past two hours. Just saying. But, enough about me, let’s get to this week’s list!

Potential Terrorists:

– Natalie Vasquez – Once again Natalie had the chance to arrest and/or kill Alex and she didn’t. She’s obviously crazy jealous of Alex (because who isn’t), but she’s not framing her and she’s certainly not a terrorist.

– Simon Asher – As the weeks go on, all the initial evidence against Simon gets replaced by heroic deeds. This week he not only disabled the midterm “bomb,” he also faced his ex(?) Nimah in order to help Alex.

– Shelby Wyatt – It honestly looks like Shelby’s only secret was who she shares her bed with. She’s also gone way out of her way to help Alex when she’s had plenty of chances to sabotage her and fulfill a framing.

– Ryan Booth – Sure, Ryan is still Alex’s number one ally in the present tense manhunt, but back in simpler times he did peace out of Quantico without so much as a wave goodbye. Maybe not the act of a terrorist, but its still super rude, especially, since Ryan only got his job back because Alex blackmailed Liam into it.

– Caleb Haas – After the midterm adventure Caleb was promoted back to NAT status. He also was pretty quick to jump on the twin as accomplices train when there was no real reason for him to think they’d be involved. Perhaps he figures spreading the blame around is the safest bet. He also turned down 10k a month to continue with his training. He’s either really dedicated to serving his country or to his plan to attack it.

– Raina Amin – We finally caught up with the twins post attack and their current states warrant separating them as suspects. Alex and Simon found Raina first and she was much more concerned about her sister’s well being than with any great plot. Post graduation she and her sister infiltrated a terrorist cell; a terrorist cell planning on attacking national landmarks.

– Nimah Amin – But its Nimah whose missed every swap before and after the Grand Central attack and Nimah who is sleeping with the leader of the terror cell. Sure, she may be sleeping with him in a bid to gain more information, but she also may have been turned.

– Liam O’Connor – But no matter how much new evidence casts suspicions on Alex’s former classmates, Liam remains at the top of my list. Frankly, with each week it becomes clearer that Alex’s fellow NATs are more likely to help her than hurt her. Liam, on the other hand, has been nothing but shady in his dealings with Alex. Maybe he was just worried about what Alex knew of her father or maybe he thought framing her would be killing two birds with one stone; a perfect, race appropriate fall guy and a complete cover up of whatever happened between him and her father.

Or maybe Alex really is the terrorist. Wouldn’t that be a fun twist? And by fun I obviously mean epically disappointing. Let me know in the comments who’s at the top of your list!


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