Quantico Recap: Kill

Quantico Recap: Kill

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Quantico Season 1, Ep. 4 – “Kill.”

Alex Parrish may be at the top of her class in Quantico, but if there was a training on how not to look like a terrorist, she would have failed out immediately. On her path to clearing her name she’s already taken two hostages, been caught on camera beating one of them, been named by an FBI agent as his shooter and, you know, generally worked really hard to evade the entire city looking for her. These are not usually the actions of an innocent person. Of course in this case it is. So lets break down who could be the terrorist, from least likely to Liam.

Potential Terrorists:

– Ryan Booth — Despite claiming that Alex shot him, Ryan has done a lot to help Alex avoid arrest. Even in the flashbacks its clear that Ryan had no idea why he was assigned to follow her and it only took him a month to realize it was less than legit.

– Natalie Vasquez — Girl still has some major Alex issues, but it’s probably nothing more than jealously. Understandable jealously, but jealously nonetheless. Natalie gets the last laugh though because not only did she end up with the man (despite the endless teases of the Alex/Ryan sexy times to come) she also not a suspected terrorist. Win/win.

– Nimah/Raina — We got a little more information about the secret assignment Miranda has planned for the twins post graduation (it has to do with the organization that turned her son into an almost terrorist), but we still have no idea where the twins are at the time of the present day bombing. The uncertainty leaves me neutral about their potential involvement.

– Caleb Haas — Again, we know nothing about his current whereabouts or even the state of his departure from Quantico. All we learned this week is that he makes a better analyst than agent. The only reason he ranks higher than the twins as the potential bomber is because he would be better “surprise” terrorist for the show.

– Shelby Wyatt — Alex’s only piece of evidence, a piece of wire used in the bomb, led her straight to her former roommate. Granted, that doesn’t look great for the blue blood, but its not like she’s the only person who could get the wires… that are issued to the military. In fact, it seems like anyone in the FBI could probably have gotten the wire just as easily.

– Simon Asher — This kid lies so much it’s getting hard to keep it all straight. At Quantico he lied about why he was in Gaza, his eyesight, and mostly likely his sexuality. In the present day, he lied to Alex when he was really working to the FBI, then he flipped and helped her, essentially double crossing the FBI. It wouldn’t be surprising at all for him to pull another fast one. I also think he’s conniving enough to play a long game of helping Alex while also making her look guilty and making himself look like a victim. Plus, if he left Quantico “in disgrace” maybe he had motive to make the agency look bad.

– Liam O’Connor — Terrorist or not, this guy is the worst. He planted Ryan at Quantico to keep an eye on Alex, gave Alex a file on her father designed to make her feel guilty and then claimed she’d been deemed unfit to be an agent and she needed to leave. From day one he’s been messing with this girl’s head. Its no small leap to say he’s been framing her for just as long. Granted, this could all be due to whatever illicit activities Liam got up to with Alex’s dad, but who says that doesn’t have to do with the attack either?

Things are definitely heating up on Quantico, but it doesn’t feel like Alex has made any real progress in clearing her name. So far, she’s only managed a few reunions with her classmates and making herself look guilty as hell. Lets hope something breaks. Soon.


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