Quantico Recap: Found

Quantico Recap: Found

Spoiler Alert: Please do not read if you haven’t seen Quantico Season 1, Ep. 5 – “Found.”

“An innocent person does not take someone hostage.”  — Shelby

Finally, someone spoke some truth to Alex. All this running around “trying to clear her name” is making her look guilty as hell. So, as was the habit this week, Alex decided to change the conversation. And, with one five-minute interview released by an omnipresent hacker group, Alex went from Terror Babe to gaining a pretty big benefit of the doubt from the media. It’s good to be pretty.

But then which other pretty person is the real terrorist?

Potential Terrorists:

Ryan Booth – Considering how much he’s helping Alex, it seems unlikely he’s the true terrorist. Bedsides, if he was it would really put a damper on all the sexy times. And lets not put a damper on the sexy times, please.

Nimah/Raina – The twins are still MIA in the present day so it’s hard to say what they might be up to. They’re certainly stepping up their game at Quantico so I suppose they might be in a position to execute this set up. Maybe.

Shelby Wyatt – Shelby may be annoying, but she hardly seems like the type to blow up a national landmark. Also, she had the opportunity to rat Simon and Ryan out for helping Alex and she didn’t take it. I assume the real terrorist would take anyone down they needed to frame Alex. She does, however, have pretty terrible taste in men.

Simon Asher – Simon, come on, man! I really want to like you and not think you’re a mass murderer, but you need to stop with all this lying. Elias finally got to the “bottom” of Simon’s lies, but I’m not sure if buy it. Simon told Elias that he was in the Israeli Defense, hence his time in Gaza, and the only way to deal with the things he had done was to become a near-sighted, coffee drinking, gay man. See how that doesn’t exactly make sense? So then why is he helping Alex? Maybe he figures that Alex on the run makes her look guiltier than he ever could if she were in FBI custody. And he’s not exactly wrong.

Caleb Haas – Caleb moved from the middle of the pack to a frontrunner in the span of a week. Not only was he sending shady texts while at Quantico (is he pretending to hire someone??) he is also the only former NAT, besides Alex and Ryan, who was close enough to dentate the bomb. Also, he’s jerk and only Shelby seems into that.

Liam O’Connor – But even with this new information on Caleb, Liam stays at the top of my list. Whatever he told Miranda about his suspicions of Alex convinced her to let him continue the investigation, but it wasn’t enough to convince her Alex is a terrorist, considering Miranda was the first person to help Alex escape.

Alex may be closer to proving she’s being framed, but she’s not closer to figuring out who it is framing her. Here’s hoping next week will yield a few more clues.


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