The Blacklist Recap: Dr. Linus Creel

The Blacklist Recap: Dr. Linus Creel

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen The Blacklist Season 2, Ep. 4 – “Dr. Linus Creel.”

“This government can’t make up its own mind let alone control one. “

Look, I’m not gonna pretend to understand all this secret government mind control stuff. Basically the government is shady, they don’t do thorough enough background checks on their lab assistants and sometimes that results in death and destruction to innocent citizens. Suffice to say it was creepy and I really hope it isn’t at all based in reality.

Although the storyline did allow Liz to get some much-needed therapy to deal with all her Tom issues. Sure, it was weird, undercover therapy, but it hit far too close to home to not help a little bit. Of course it might have been more helpful if Liz’s descriptions of chaining up Tom and torturing out the truth was just her fantasy and not what she’s actually doing. And I’m assuming that last shot meant its what she’s actually doing.  Too bad her shrink got shot in the head by the secret sniper stalking her. She could do with a check-up.

But as the promos told us, this episode was all about what Naomi Highland could add to the mystery of Elizabeth Keene and Raymond Reddington.

Red was still intent on hiding his ex-wife away with a new life to the extent that he was happy to send her husband off with her. Her lying, cheating husband. Naomi clearly has a type. Husband shenanigans aside, Naomi confirmed once and for all that Red’s daughter, Jennifer, is (probably) still alive. At least she didn’t die when Red was still in her life as I was convinced. Perhaps that was just me, but I’m glad we have some concrete knowledge about something.

But that’s about all we have concrete knowledge of.

Naomi and Liz had their much-hyped meeting and Naomi… lied. She told Liz that Red only wanted something from her so he was faking a relationship in order to get it. I knew the promise of clues about Liz’s past was too good to be believed, but this was extra disappointing. This episode had nothing that hadn’t already been shown in the promos. I’m all for a good mystery and I understand the need to sustain that mystery for the length of the show, but this has officially entered annoying territory. We need to learn something, anything, and soon.


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