The Blacklist Recap: Dr. James Covington

The Blacklist Recap: Dr. James Covington

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen The Blacklist Season 2, Ep. 3 — “Dr. James Covington.”

Welcome back, Tom, or should I say Dream Tom. Liz’s sub-conscious made sure she knew she still doesn’t trust Red and made her jumpy enough to accost an innocent citizen. And by innocent citizen I mean secret sniper. But Liz had no time to actually figure that out because there was a Blacklister to catch.

This week’s Blacklister was Dr. James Covington, a former surgeon who now dealt exclusively in black market organs taken somewhat unwillingly. He also has a hell of a return policy. Unlike other organ harvesters, Covington doesn’t sell organs so much as rent them and when the payments stop coming, the heart get repossessed.

And in case that isn’t depraved enough, the medical examiner supplying the body parts was paid through a fake charitable foundation. But Liz and Ressler figured it out quickly and set up a stolen heart sting operation. Of course the henchmen of villains who land on the Blacklist can spot a tail. Although they can’t always avoid being hit by trucks.

Luckily, the dead henchman happened to be carrying a file on the man awaiting the pig heat decomposing on the pavement. And because Red knows absolutely everyone who has ever been remotely involved in criminal activity, he chatted up the patient and by chatted up I mean poisoned him.

So Liz and Ressler found Covington’s secret lab… filled with sick kids. There was more to Covington’s story than a ruthless organ repossesser. All of his criminally bought organs paid for controversial surgeries for sick children who had no other options. Obviously Liz was going to let the good doctor save the child’s life, but somehow this made Ressler question her post-Red morals. As someone who hasn’t spent a single moment with Red, I agreed with everything she said.

Samar officially joined the task force and everyone had the same questions about this arrangement that I did. Although that doesn’t mean we got any answers; at least any satisfying answers. And all that mysteriousness means Liz doesn’t trust her. Although it’s more like she doesn’t trust Red.

As I predicted last week, giving up Naomi didn’t signal a ceasefire in the war between Berlin and Red. In fact, this week Berlin attempted to steal away Red’s business associates with Pee Wee Herman. But who needs a beloved children’s host when you have the threat of violence?

But what’s this? The associate who brought the backstabbing to Reddington’s attention was the only one doing any actual backstabbing. Just kidding! Vargas (aka Pee Wee) was backstabbing the backstabber. Honestly all the twists here had my head spinning, but I think the end result was that… everything remains stable in Red’s business.

Next week, we finally get some answers about Liz… maybe.


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