Revenge Recap: Meteor

Revenge Recap: Meteor

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Revenge Season 4, Ep. 4 – “Meteor.”

“Let’s at least call Jack. He’s police adjacent.” — Nolan

For as campy and ridiculous as Revenge can be, the moment Emily saw her father was surprisingly powerful. Moments like this and when Fauxmanda died prove that Emily VanCamp is a really good actress and she shines in the rare moments when Emily’s defenses break down.

I liked Papa Clarke so much better as an idea rather than this reality. The idea of Papa Clarke was a gentle, kind, loving man who got in over his head and paid a heavy price, but still found it in his giant heart to preach forgiveness. This real Papa Clarke is a robotic, creepy, self-mutilating man who wants to solve every problem with violence. I don’t know where David has been for the last decade (except I’m pretty positive he wasn’t being held captive by Conrad), but it seems clear he’d have been better off dead.

At least better for Emily. Again and again Emily has faced harsh consequences for her choices and lost more than she’s ever gained thanks to her revenge. Now, faced with a happier ending than she ever predicted or hoped for she finds that the man she sacrificed her happiness for isn’t the man she remembers. He has chosen Victoria and Charlotte over her. True, he thinks Amanda is dead, but still that’s a harsh blow.

And if Victoria thought Emily was coming for her before, she ain’t see nothing yet.

You know, as annoying as Charlotte has become (and/or always was), is it really surprising she’s turned into a vindictive, pill-popping brat? She was raised by the two most horrible people to ever exist; she found out her real father was a terrorist and she had a secret sister; she learned her real father was actually framed by the terrible people who raised her and her sister was lost at sea; then she was told that wasn’t really her sister, her sister is the woman whose been systemically trying to ruin her family and surprise, her dad isn’t dead at all. Not to mention the miscarriage and her baby daddy getting blown up by a bomb planted by her fake dad. That would have anyone reaching for the Xanax and setting their sisters on fire.

I don’t even want to waste time talking about Daniel and Margaux and Crazy Face Louise for a joke. Lets just say they did things and those things were boring.


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