2014 Emmy Predictions: Comedy

2014 Emmy Predictions: Comedy

Ready for a laugh? Good, because its time to look at the Emmy nominations in the comedy category and they are hilarious! Or something, I don’t really know. I mostly just copied everything I wrote last year because that’s how much The Emmy’s like to switch things up.

Note: As always, when I say “Will Win” it I am basing it on the current odds and buzz and when I say “Should Win” I am basing it on my own personal and deeply biased opinion.

Outstanding Comedy Series

The Big Bang Theory, CBS

Modern Family, ABC

Orange Is The New Black, Netflix

Silicon Valley, HBO

Veep, HBO

What Should Win: Orange is the New Black

What Will Win: Orange is the New Black

Technically OITNB is nominated for its first season, but it’s the buzz over the second season that will push it into the winner’s circle. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. OITNB is a groundbreaking, yet highly entertaining, show and deserves recognition for whichever season people want to focus on. Is it a tad unfair that it’s nominated against true, half-hour comedies when it’s an hour-long program that leans towards drama more often than not? Perhaps, but that doesn’t take away from it merit or quality. Take away the genre distinction and its still the best show on this list.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Ricky Gervais, Derek

Matt LeBlanc, Episodes

Don Cheadle, House Of Lies

Louis C.K., Louie

William H. Macy, Shameless

Who Should Win: Anyone besides Jim Parsons

Who Will Win: Jim Parsons

Look, I love The Big Bang Theory and Jim Parsons, but enough is enough. The Emmys are hesitant to give awards to different people and nowhere is that more prevalent than in the comedy categories. Its like they discredit comedy so much that they want to avoid spreading out the accolades. Jim Parsons is great, but he’s not the only actor doing great things in comedy. He’s not even the only one on his own show, not that The Emmys want to acknowledge that either.

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

Lena Dunham, Girls

Melissa McCarthy, Mike & Molly

Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie

Taylor Schilling, Orange Is The New Black

Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

Who Should Win: Anyone besides Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Who Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Umm, ditto everything I just said.

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series

Andre Braugher, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Adam Driver, Girls

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family

Ty Burrell, Modern Family

Fred Armisen, Portlandia

Tony Hale, Veep

Who Should Win: Adam Driver

Who Will Win: Andre Braugher

For a couple years Modern Family ruled The Emmys, but this year it’s looking like a shut out. Andre Braugher is currently leading in the odds and the only explanation I can think of for that is his character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the most dramatic of anyone on this list. But I would love to see Adam Driver take it. Yes his role also airs on the more dramatic side of comedy, but he’s doing some great work on Girls and it would be great to see that recognized beyond just a nomination.

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series

Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory

Julie Bowen, Modern Family

Allison Janney, Mom

Kate Mulgrew, Orange Is The New Black

Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live

Anna Chlumsky, Veep

Who Should Win: Kate Mulgrew

Who Will Win: Allison Janney

Alison Janney is great and all, but Mom is only decent at best. It’s pretty easy to be great on a sub-par show. But Kate Mulgrew is great on a great show, and that takes a little more effort.

Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series

Episodes, “Episode 305”

Louie, “So Did The Fat Lady”

Orange Is The New Black, “I Wasn’t Ready” (Pilot)

Silicon Valley,  “Optimal Tip-To-Tip Efficiency”

Veep, “Special Relationship”

What Should Win: Orange is the New Black

What Will Win: Louie

This race is a tight one. Louie is heralded as a fresh voice in comedy and that’s mostly thanks to its writing, so its understandable that it should be recognized. Similarly, OITNB is heralded as a fresh voice in television as a whole and what better way to recognize that than to award its pilot? On the other hand, it’s likely winning best series as well, so this may be the time to recognize another worthy talent. On the other, other hand, The Emmys aren’t really known for spreading their awards around.

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series

Episodes, “Episode 309”

Glee, “100”

Louie, “Elevator, Part 6”

Modern Family, “Vegas”

Orange Is The New Black, “Lesbian Request Denied”

Silicon Valley, “Minimum Viable Product”

What Should Win: Orange is the New Black

What Will Win: Orange is the New Black

“Lesbian Request Denied” was directed by Jodie Foster. That’s all you really need to know about those odds.

Wasn’t that funny? If you’re in the mood for more laughs, check out my predictions for reality and variety and TV Movies and miniseries and, of course, listen to the podcast! And check back later for my drama predictions, because those are funniest of all!

*The 66th Emmy Awards will air Monday, August 25 at 8/7c on NBC.


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