Scandal Recap: Flesh and Blood

Scandal Recap: Flesh and Blood

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 3, Ep. 17 – “Flesh and Blood.”

“The NAACP is not supporting Sally Langston.”

“But they could.”

“They won’t. Have you met Sally?” — Olivia and Fitz

In true Scandal fashion, “Flesh and Blood” delivered a fast paced, full crisis mode hour. And while it seemed like there was a lot going on, it was really nothing more than a lot of monologue ridden wheel spinning to get us to the truly insane jumping off point for the finale.

And that point was the realization that Cyrus can have all the tender moments of grief in the world, but his evil will always win through. And his evil just keeps sinking to new levels of depravity.

With B6-13 dismantled, former foes joined forces to bring down Mama Pope and her merry band of terrorists. There was a lot of yelling and passionate monologue-ing (of course), but the main gist was: Papa Pope is a crazy monster, but still not as bad as his wife. And no one is as crazy or as monstrous as Cyrus.

OPA/B6-13 assumed that Mama Pope was planning to bomb the president on the campaign trail, so they quarantined Fitz to the White House. This worked for a few hours until Fitz remembered there was an election in six days (because this was the fastest presidential race ever). His feelings of inadequacy were doubled thanks to the anniversary of his father’s death, so Fitz slipped his security fence and set off for Defiance to prove he could win there on his own merit.

But somehow, Mama Pope and Adnan had foreseen this convoluted trajectory and planned for it. The bomb was never meant for Defiance. Instead, Mama Pope killed a senator to ensure a large gathering of D.C. bigwigs, including the president. And that is where the bomb sits waiting, ticking away.

Luckily, Jake and David figured out the actual in plan in time to warn someone and stop a mass killing. Unfortunately, they warned the one person more evil than someone who would plant a bomb at a funeral: Cyrus.

Yes, it would appear Cyrus has decided killing hundreds of innocent people is worth it because it will also get rid of their completion. I bet Fitz will be yearning for the days of simple voter tampering.

And just in case all of that wasn’t enough to keep you salivating until next week’s finale; Papa Pope is bleeding out all over the OPA offices thanks to a less than friendly visit from Mama Pope, Quinn and Huck have graduated from face licking in the park to angry sex in a parking garage and drunk Mellie (aka the best Mellie) let slip that Big Jerry could possibly be the father of Little Jerry. Although she forgot to mention the rape part so I can’t even imagine what’s going through Olivia’s head right now. But Mellie has the paternity test results and could possibly be ready to finally extract some revenge.

If they don’t all blow up first.


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