Scandal Recap: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Scandal Recap: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 3, Ep. 14 – “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.”

“You’re damn right that’s your move.” – James Novak

Last week I laid out some pretty compelling reasons why David should be the one Jake killed. And this week I was quickly and thoroughly proved wrong.

No, it was James who found himself on the business end of the bullet, although I still contend it was the wrong choice. Yes, keeping David alive meant that Jake could better control the investigation, but David is far too in love with his own ethics to cover up quietly. A fact that was supported by David’s immediate reluctance to arrest the patsy Jake supplied him. Olivia talked him into letting the man take the fall, but she has vowed to help David take down B6-13.

Honestly, B6-13 should have been taken down a long time ago. When Fitz ousted Rowan he should have abolished the entire organization. But he didn’t. So now Olivia and David get to put on their white hats and do it themselves. Which is the biggest reason why David should have been killed over James. If Jake is interested in maintaining B6-13, that is. Rowan gave yet another impassioned speech about the weight of being command, perhaps just three kills in the weight is too much for Jake.

But “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” wasn’t really about Jake or David or even James. It was about Cyrus.

Cyrus has many faults and many of them have to do with his treatment of James, but his grief over losing his husband was beautiful. Juxtaposed with flashbacks to Cyrus and James falling in love, Cyrus refused to feel his grief, insisting instead on working to distract him. Until he couldn’t ignore it any more. In a show that often feels weighed down with over the top, scenery-chewing monologues, Jeff Perry’s ability to convey utter devastation without a word is refreshing. Get this man some awards already.

A Few Last Thoughts:

Mama Pope and Adnan Salif (which would be a great name for a funk duo) were up to no good. Adnan is supplying the money in return for Mama Pope’s terrorist connections. And Mama Pope is not messing around. When her friend sent some proxies in his place she went all Raymond Reddington on them, making Adnan rethink this partnership.

Mellie Grant finally got some action! I love that Mellie finally has someone who cares about her. I love that she finally has someone who even likes her. She, like everyone else in this twisted world, has made questionable choices, but she deserves some happiness. Everyone else gets to do terrible things and still be loved. It’s about damn time Mellie got some loving too. I. Love. It.

And in my least favorite storyline news, Huck finally realized maybe Quinn is still a good person. So he broke into her house, threatened to kill her, called her a gladiator and then aggressively made out with her. Um, what? This reeks of desperate floundering to get out of a bad storyline. There was a time when I would have cheered a Huck/Quinn romance, but that time passed somewhere around when Huck wrapped Quinn in duct tape, licked her face and then ripped out her tooth.


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