AHS: Coven Review - Head

AHS: Coven Review - Head

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen American Horror Story: Coven season 3, Ep. 9 – “Head.”

“…And your fashion faux pas give me nightmares.” – Myrtle Snow

Hey, remember how random and inconsequential all that with hunter business seemed a few weeks ago? Well strap yourselves in kids because as of this week its what the show is all about!

Or maybe it’s about Patti Lupone being a whackado (but finally singing!) or Roots being used as cruel and unusual punishment. It’s hard to say because you know what happened this week? A whole lot of nothing – at least for the first forty minutes of the episode.

But those last ten minutes? Damn.

Back to that witch hunter; its been clear for a while that his heart wasn’t really in the witch hunting business. He’s spent years surrounded by witches and only managed to kill one day player. Clearly he had developed feelings for Cordelia that outweighed his familial obligations. So with forces coming down on every side of him to kill some witches it wasn’t hard to guess his next move.

That doesn’t mean his attack on the voodoo tribe was any less brutal nor Queenie’s sacrifice less shocking. But perhaps it didn’t pack quite the same excitement as previous AHS offerings.

So after eight weeks of build up towards a war between the voodoo tribe and the coven, the opposing factions have joined forces to fight witch hunters now out for revenge. It wasn’t the easiest path towards purpose, but I’m glad we’ve finally reached one.

Still, “Head” was yet another episode that seemed stalled. Sure some things of note happened; Myrtle exacted revenge on her traitorous council and gave Cordelia back her sight (while taking away her other sight), Fiona “fixed” Kyle and Patti Lupone killed her son because she crazy. But it still feels like every move is merely setting the stage for something bigger. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few episodes to set your pieces in place, but we’ve gotten nothing but piece setting for the past five weeks.

Obviously the endgame could be something spectacular that will render all these slow weeks justifiable. But word to the wise, it’s gonna have to be real fucking special. As it is, we have four weeks until the next new episode. So I ask you, was “Head” enough to keep you satisfied for a full month?


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