True Blood Recap: "In the Evening"

True Blood Recap: "In the Evening"

Spoiler Alert:  Do not read if you haven’t seen True Blood Season Six, Ep. 7 – “In the Evening”.

“You don’t have that stockholder’s syndrome, do you?” – Jason Stackhouse

I spoke too soon. Despite the fact that the were/shifter storyline came to a satisfactory (enough) close last week and despite the fact it currently serve no purpose and lacks all interest, it is not in fact over for the foreseeable future. In fact, it was back with a vengeance this week; taking up precious time that could have been spent explaining why Jessica would thank Jason for his kind hearted bravery by sexing up someone else. Luckily,the were/shifter storyline roared to life this week with integral plot points and a shirtless Alcide. Just kidding! It was as boring and pointless as ever and the only one shirtless was Sam (again). But if you care, the pack found VUS girl and her mama and now they’re all pissed at Alcide.

But my other prediction did prove accurate; it was the true death for Nora. I’m sure there are many people thrilled with this development as Nora never really rallied a fan base and for all the Eric/Pam devotees (myself included) it moves the plot in a more promising direction, but her death still shook me. Eric has had a stable family for centuries and in less than three years (I can never work out the time table here) he’s lost the majority of it. It’s truly devastating. Also devastating is that we’ve lost a character with actual purpose and insight to the Warlow/Billith/vampire war storylines and are still being forced to watch  endless scenes of Alcide and his father bicker about whether being a lone wolf is all it’s cracked up to be. I understand the show needs to trim down its characters and refocus the plots, but this is the wrong way to go about it.

But enough complaining about the weres and shifters. Let’s complain about Sookie!

 Again, that seems harsh. I don’t have much against Sookie except that she seems to have become pointless within her own show. After waking up with Warlow “in the daylight” (not sure what was so magical about that since they had been in the daylight the whole time. The whole point of that plane is that it’s always daylight. It’s a fairy haven safe from vampires) Sookie made it clear that just because she slept with Warlow after knowing him all of 8 hours didn’t mean that she was going to become his vampire fairy bride. So if she could give us some other plausible explanation that’d be cool.

Anyway, she was forced out of her fairy reprieve by the sound of Arlene crying in the graveyard, reminding her that there are other things going on besides nonsensical fairy sex. So she left Warlow alone (probably not smart) and traipsed off to pretend she still has human friends that she cares about. She then teamed up with Lafayette, another character too important to drop but with nothing to do (though he gets a pardon from my ire because he says things like “I’m glad I took my beta blockers. Dueces”) and together they discovered that Terry had planned his death and left Arlene with $2 million. Not bad.

While Sookie was hanging out with the human folk who should stop by but Bill. Everyone reacted as you’d expect to a vampire showing up in the middle of the day, but I was a little disappointed that Andy just sort of accepted Bill’s “daughters, right?” shrug. The man kidnapped his kids and three of them ended up dead. True he may be God, but still. I’d be a little more pissed that he just waltzed right in and offered up condolences like he had nothing to do with it.

But Bill’s actual purpose was to talk to Sookie again. He needs Warlow because it’s the only chance to save vampire kind. The argument didn’t work when he was asking for Sookie’s blood, but sex must put her in a more giving mood because this time she agreed. Yay, a purpose!

Meanwhile, back on the compound, Jason brought Jessica to him and laid his sweet, brave heart bare. And Jessica, just as sweetly, rejected it. Seems she’s still feeling major guilt for slaughtering three innocent children (as she should) and has accepted her fate to meet the sun as punishment. But first she wants to have sex with a vampire so she made Jason fetch the vampire that refused to have sex with her earlier for the entertainment of their captors and forced Jason to guard the door while they got their vampire freak on. I understand not wanting to get Jason involved in all this and even with feeling deserving of her fate, but that’s just cruel.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, while Jason was milling around outside pretending not to hear whatever freaky sounds were likely emanating from that room, Sarah showed up, the official HBIC and fed him to the hungry she vamps. Tara made a valiant effort to protect him before some random lady vamp (right? We aren’t supposed to know who that was, were we?) proclaimed him hers. That should end well. It has been suggested that, in keeping with the theme of thinning the cast down, a character will be lost every week this season. But if that character is Jason, we’re gonna have some problems.

Other Random Musings:

Willa really stepped up to her duty as a progeny of Eric and took her role as inside vamp seriously. Pam, for her part, has taken much more quickly to the whole sister thing than the mother thing. Willa warned her about the TruBlood and Pam then seduced her shrink. Why? Not a clue, but I bet it works just the way she planned it. Pam’s smart like that.

After Burrell’s untimely decapitation Sarah has fully embraced her role as the season’s new “big bad”. Never have the words “God is good” sounded more sinister. She plans to keep the governor’s death quiet until the tainted Trublood is distributed and the vampires of Louisiana are exterminated. But what of the rest of the world’s vampire population? Don’t think they’ll take too kindly to this act and, in case they haven’t noticed, it’s not a smart move to piss off a vampire.

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