True Blood Recap: Death Comes Calling in "Don't You Feel Me".

True Blood Recap: Death Comes Calling in "Don't You Feel Me".

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen True Blood Season Six, Ep. 6 – “Don’t You Feel Me”.

You have to hand it to the creators of True Blood, when they say they’re going to trim down the fat of the series they waste little time in getting down to it. Lets have a moment of silence for our dearly departed Terry, our (probably) soon to be departed Nora, and (hopefully) the demise of all fur related storylines. And let’s hear a big WHAT THE… for Governor Burrell. Because seriously, what? Last year the midseason murder of Christopher Meloni had everyone shocked and pretty much everyone believing that they wouldn’t, couldn’t pull the same twist again. Yet, here we are and you have to admit, it was just as shocking the second time around. (But I bet its getting harder and harder to find willing guest stars).

In truth, the first forty minutes of this episode dragged. I’ll attribute most of that to the heavy were/shifter focus, but it was necessary to (seemingly) close up those loose ends. Basically, and unless they all suddenly converge on the Vamp Camp in the next few episodes this is the first and last time this storyline will be discussed, Nicole convinced Sam to leave Emma with her grandmother because obviously and Alcide’s dad convinced him not to kill Sam over it because morals. It was all very sweet and overly clothed. The End.

On to the good stuff.

As predicted, Eric and Pam did not stake each other. Instead they both took to the air (did we know Pam could fly too?) and killed one of the guards poised with his UV bullets so quickly he probably never even had time to release the safety. But rather than continue the gladiator style battle, the Governor and his bloodthirsty crew let them be.

Later, he reappeared in Eric’s holding cell, this time with Nora in tow. Since the father/daughter battle didn’t go as planned he would have to settle for killing Eric’s sister in front of him. They injected her with their newly developed vampesticide and then, like all great villians, left the two super old, super powerful, extremely motivated vampires alone, trusting that nothing could go wrong with their fool proof plan.

But guess what? Shit went wrong. And this leads me to my major problem with the Vamp Camp and the people who run it: they’re dumb. These vampires are amazingly strong, incredibly fast, and most have centuries of wisdom and learning on their side. The Vamp Camp counselors have some contacts and fancy guns. It literally took all of thirty seconds for Eric to free himself and all it took was summoning Willa, a baby vampire, who was still able to rip out the protective contacts and glamour a guard into freeing them. Really? That wasn’t difficult and it certainly didn’t take someone as old as Eric to pull it off. Why are these vampires still sitting around in these cells? Clearly they could get out if they truly tried.

Of course it helps that Bill also arrived around the same time, full to the brim with Warlow blood and literally incapable of being killed. I don’t get Bill’s new powers or why they are happening, but that scene was epic. He forced the guards to turn on each other and when Burrell tried to reason with him, mourning father to mourning father, he ripped his head off. Literally. I’m sad because Burrell was a really excellent bad guy and I don’t know where this show is going from here, but a quality head ripping off scene is worth that uncertainty.

Other Random Musings:

Bill released Warlow to save Sookie from her father’s sprit trapped inside Lafayette (that may be the craziest sentence I’ve ever wirten) and then Sookie repaid the favor by helping Warlow escape to some fairy plane where Bill’s summoning couldn’t reach him (oh wait, it got crazier). Once there Warlow made her tie him up so that he wouldn’t attack her when night fell and took some time to sweet talk her while they waited it out. Well, we all know what happens when a vampire starts sweet-talking Sookie; the clothes come off and the freaky fairy light sex began. I know that this show is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels, but she’s begining to feel more and more like a periphery character, and an annoying one at that.

Jason has gotten a lot better at rescue missions. He talked the talk with so mush bravado he got into the inner sanctum of Vamp Camp within the day. Sarah threatened to throw a wrench into the plans, but Jason has also gotten better at threatening people. He told her he’ll make sure everyone know what a slut she is if she breathes a word about his true intentions. But never underestimate a woman’s ability to hurt someone, especially someone as cruel as Sarah. She arranged from Jason to watch a “copulation study” with, yep, Jessica. The vamp paired with her refused to go through with it, but Jason finally has a clearer picture of what he’s up against. I’m guessing it’s only going to motivate him more. Rambo Jason here we come!

Ah yes, and now Terry. So Terry was acting strange, even for him, showing up at Lafayette’s to give him a key to his safety deposit box. So Lafayette called Arlene out of concern. Terry has always battled with demons from the war, both metaphorically and literally, and it was killing Arlene to watch him suffer. Holly came up with the perfect plan, get a vampire to glamour him into forgetting all that nonsense. It was actually a pretty brilliant plan and one that should have been thought of sooner. Like before he asked his war buddy to kill him. But, at least he had a moment of peace, a day where all of his troubles and guilt were gone and he was able to enjoy his family and friends before he was killed. Terry has always been one of the moral centers of this show, and ifrit storyline or not, he will be greatly missed.

Luckily we still have another Bellefleur to carry the torch. Andy finally got around to naming his remaining daughter: Adeline Brailin Charlene Danica, four names for four girls being remembered as one. Yep, that’ll do for some heart.

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