The 10 Most Promising New Shows of 2013

The networks have spoken and the fall lineups have been announced. After all the hard work and dedication the lucky few new shows have been announced to the world and now it’s our turn to cast our appraising eye upon them. We may have at least three months before we see more than a three minute trailer of any of these shows, but why should a silly thing like that stand in the way of our passing judgment? This is America and we have judged on less.

Note: When I say “most promising” I actually mean the ones that look the most intriguing and interesting to me, in my deeply biased and personal opinion.

the-blacklist-nbc-james-spaderThe Blacklist – NBC (Mondays 10/9c)

Starring:  James Spader, Megan Boone, Ryan Eggold, Diego Klattenhoff , Harry Lennix , Ilfenesh Hadera

The Official Word: The world’s most wanted criminal suddenly turns himself in and offers to give up anyone he’s ever worked with. The catch: He’ll only work with a new FBI agent, one with whom he has no known connection.

My Take: The Blacklist has a lot going for it, chiefly James Spader. The trailer (available here) also does a nice job of setting up an intriguing premise, it just has to avoid the pitfalls of all the intriguing premises before it and actually have a plan beyond the pilot.

Andy-Samberg-of-Brooklyn-Nine-NineBrooklyn Nine-Nine – FOX (Tuesdays 8:30/7:30c)

Starring: Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Terry Crews,  Melissa Fumero , Joe Lo Truglio  

The Official Word: The single-camera project revolves around a diverse group of detectives in a precinct at the very edge of New York City.

My Take: The success of this show rest squarely on the shoulders of Andy Samberg and whether or not you find his peter pan syndrome shtick funny. The trailer (available here) has it leaning towards the annoying side of the spectrum, but comedies with less talent have found a way to make it work.

PilotHostages – CBS (Mondays 10/9c)

Starring: Dylan McDermott, Toni Collette, Tate Donovan, Sandrine Holt, Rhys Coiro, Billy Brown

The Official Word: Based upon the Israeli format, the project centers on a family caught in the middle of a grand political conspiracy and a righteous FBI agent at the center of said conspiracy whose role will come as a surprise.

My Take: By far the most intriguing premise of this new crop of shows (a doctor must decide between saving her family or killing the president at the behest of a mysterious group), but it also takes the top honor for a show that looks better suited for the big screen. It certainly has no shortage of talent and that alone is worth the time to get invested. Watch the trailer here.

Lucky-7-ABCLucky 7 – ABC (Tuesdays 10/9c)

Starring: Matt Long, Isiah Whitlock, Jr., Stephen Louis Grush, Summer Bishil, Anastasia Phillips, Christine Evangelista, Lorraine Bruce, Luis Antonio Ramos

The Official Word: A show about seven employees of a service station in Queens whose lives are changed in many unexpected ways when they win a lottery jackpot.

My Take: Again, interesting premise that could yeild a lot of good drama. Mostly this excites me because it features Steppenwolf favorite Stephen Louis Grush and I love a good local boy makes good story. Watch the trailer here.

SHIELDMarvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ABC (Tuesdays 8/7c)

Starring: Clark Gregg (reprising his Avengers role), Ming-Na, Elizabeth Henstridge , Iain De Caestecker , Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennet

The Official Word: The adventures of the agents of a covert, quasi-military peace-keeping organization, S.H.I.E.L.D. (or the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division), which was featured in last summer’s Avengers movie.

My Take: Since you are currently on the internet I will assume that you’ve heard of The Avengers and going by the immense success that movie enjoyed, I will assume that you loved it. And that’s what ABC is assuming too. Will the show live up to expectations or will it crash and burn? Well, the trailer (available here) would indicate a tendency for the latter, but Marvel fanboy love could be enough to keep it around regardless.

mixologyMixology – ABC (midseason)

Starring: Sarah Bolger, Adan Canto, Kate Simses , Blake Lee, Andrew Santino , Vanessa Lengies , Adam Campbell (Harper’s Island), Craig Frank, Alexis Carra, Ginger Gonzaga (Ted)

The Official Word: Set in the world of a sexy Manhattan bar, the high-concept single-cam comedy chronicles the exploits of singles in search of love — all over the course of one night.

My Take: A television series occurring in the space of one night has never been done before (hell, even Jack Bauer got a full day) and that originality is reason enough to give it a shot. If the premise is fresh there’s a good chance the show will be as well. Watch the trailer here.

reign-the-cwReign – The CW (Thursdays 9/8c)

Starring: Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo,

The Official Word: The previously unknown and untold story of Mary Queen of Scots rise to power when she arrives in France as a 15-year-old, betrothed to Prince Francis, and with her three best friends as ladies-in-waiting. The secret history of survival at French Court amidst fierce foes, dark forces, and a world of sexual intrigue.

My Take: Best case scenario, Gossip Girl (the books) meets a Philippa Gregory novel. Worst case scenario, Gossip Girl (the TV show) in silly costumes. As an intense fan of the former, I’ll at least give it a chance. Decide for yourself here.

rebel-wilson-super-fun-nightSuper Fun Night – ABC (Wednesday 9:30/8:30c)

Starring: Rebel Wilson, Lauren Ash, Liza Lapira, Kelen Coleman

The Official Word: Three nerdy female friends embark on a quest to have super fun every Friday night in the single-cam project (which was originally developed as a multi-cam comedy last spring at CBS).

My Take:  And the Bridesmaids gravy train continues to roll along, handing out success to anyone with the slightest involvement. Not that that’s a bad thing. The past year Rebel Wilson has made a habit of stealing scenes. Hopefully she can parley that into leading lady success. Check out the trailer here.

trophy wifeTrophy Wife – ABC (Tuesdays 9:30/8:30c)

Starring: Malin Akerman, Bradley Whitford , Marcia Gay Harden

The Official Word: They say the third time’s the charm and reformed party girl Kate (Akerman) is hoping that’s true when she becomes Pete’s (Whitford) third wife. She fell into his arms (literally) at a karaoke bar and a year later, Kate’s got an insta-family complete with three stepchildren and two ex-wives.

My Take: Again, this is a case of the talent warranting a second look rather than what’s actually being offered. The premise is nothing earth shattering, but then comedies don’t need to be, they just need to deliver laughs. Check out the trailer here.

fox-new-shows-us-and-themUs & Them – FOX (midseason)

Starring:  Jason Ritter (Parenthood), Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls), Kurt Fuller (Psych), Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle), Kerri Kenney (Reno 911!), Dustin Ybarra

The Official Word:  A single-camera adaptation of the UK series Gavin & Stacey, about two very different lovers who try to make a long-distance relationship work.

My Take: It looks cute and romantic and more than a little funny. It also looks more like a movie, but that sometimes works for a midseason replacement that doesn’t need to worry about 22 episodes of plot. Check out the trailer here.

fox-new-shows-surviving-jackSurviving Jack – FOX (midseason) 

Starring: Chris Meloni , Connor Buckley, Claudia Lee, Kevin Hernandez, Tyler Foden

The Official Word: An adaptation of Justin Halpern’s book I Suck at Girls, the single-cam comedy tells the story of “a boy becoming a man and a man becoming a father, in a time before ‘coming of age’ was something you could Google.”

My Take: Like most years, there is an abundance of family sitcoms rushing to be loved this year, but Surviving Jack is the only one that actually made me laugh out loud in the trailer. What more can you ask for? Trailer available here.

*All Premire Dates are TBA

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