How to Lose Weight When You Work From Home

How to Lose Weight When You Work From Home

During March of 2015, I transitioned over to working from home full-time. As a writer and ferocious reader, that was the best thing I could have hoped for. I bet many of you–like myself–were under the impression that there is no better job than one you can do while in your Miss Piggy and Kermit-the-frog pajamas. Yes, it is pretty cool to work in your jammies but things can easily go a little south when you’re an at-home employee.

Apart from the fact that you will spend the better part of your day alone because you have no coworkers, as well as the fact that you will need to start taking vitamin D supplements because you will be deficient once you start spending most of your time indoors, you WILL, likely, probably gain weight. I have an office space in my porch but because I hate the swivel chair that can’t quite fit my entire butt and because that room seems to always be five degrees colder, I work in my kitchen. And because I work in the kitchen, I am surrounded by food. Regardless of where my office is in the house, I will be too close to food at all times.

I have gained about five pounds in the last year and that’s due partly to the fact that I work from home (which gives me easy constant accessibility to food) and because I cancelled my gym membership due to a knee injury. Since the summer is lingering near, I knew I had to find a way to shed those extra five pounds and most importantly, find a way to maintain that weight since I intend to continue working from home. I am making good progress so far and so I will share below the 3 changes/modifications that are helping me.

1. Counting Calories: I’m going to go ahead and say that this is the single most important thing you can do to effectively lose weight and maintain it. I have talked about the app MyFitnessPal before because it has worked for a lot of my friends and for myself. The app not only acts as your food diary, but when you enter information about your lifestyle, age, current weight, and goal weight, it will determine how many calories you should be consuming in order to safely meet your goal weight.

2. Exercise first thing in the morning: Studies show that working out first thing in the morning (while having fasted) is more effective in helping you lose weight since you will be burning fat instead of burning off the food you ate hours before if you normally exercise after a meal.

3. Cut down the sugar: And by cut down I mean like virtually don’t have any, not even via carbs which break down into sugar in your body. Cut out all drinks besides water and tea and if you can, cut out all carbs or don’t have more than 100 calories of them per day. You will see a huge difference in not only your weight but in how good you feel mentally because of that cleanse your body will go through.

This is my routine basically Mon-Sat. Sunday is my rest day where I can have carbs, sugar and don’t need to count my calories. It’s my reward for the 6 days before but I don’t go overboard or mad with sugar power. I am NOT a certified nutritionist or fitness expert, these are just tips that have worked for me. So for all the people that work from home and the go-getter entrepreneur moms out there holding down the fort with their kids while making money, try these changes and see if you see any progress!

Feel free to ask me questions or learn my other tips.

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