Teaching my son about his own life-threatening allergy

As my son gets older and is better able to understand the things we teach him, this topic of how to teach him about his own peanut allergy has been on my mind. My son will turn 3 years old this summer and aside from knowing that products that contain peanuts are “yucky” he has... Read more »

Peanut Allergy Summer Battle: Week 1

As promised, I’m declaring an all-out war on my son’s peanut allergy starting today, June 1st,  in hopes that it will improve his blood work again at the end of the summer. After my day of visiting a local farmer’s market and grocery store, I’m armed with fresh whole foods and absolutely no gut-destroying junk... Read more »

A Summer of Clean Eating and Local Buying

Summer is upon us and I’m feeling extra motivated and energized by all this amazing sunshine! School is almost out and I’m ready to tackle summer with fun activities, weekend trips and cleaner eating. In my previous posts, I explained why and how I keep my son’s diet as clean as possible in order to... Read more »

Peanut Allergy Problems: The peanuts are stalking my kid

The weather is finally starting to include sunshine and a little bit of warmth and as a result, I’ve been heading out of the house more often with the kids. It’s always more challenging to manage my son’s peanut allergy outside our home but lately I’ve been feeling like those little drops of peanut poison are following my... Read more »

10 Hilarious Habits of a Peanut Allergy Mom

When trying to adjust to a new situation a person can sometimes pick up some pretty interesting behaviors associated with the change.  This definitely happened to me after my son was diagnosed with his peanut allergy.  Some of these are to ensure his safety and some of them just make me look a little crazy. ... Read more »

The peanut allergy controversy that should not exist

  I have been contemplating writing this post for awhile and I’m now ready to share these very important thoughts.  I have yet to share my son’s name and face and I thought this was the perfect occasion to do so.       This is my sweet, lovable, peanut allergic son Elijah. He’s a... Read more »

Outgrowing a Peanut Allergy: Giving my son the best possible chance

As promised, I’m excited to share with everyone the efforts that my family and I have been taking to give my son the best possible chance at outgrowing his peanut allergy. First, I’d like to note that I’m simply just a mom with a peanut allergic child and certainly not an allergist.  The steps we... Read more »

Peanut allergy blood work: Our story continued

Wow! Things have been really crazy lately!  I’ve been catching up with a lot of spring cleaning and I feel like my children have contracted every virus imaginable over the last few months.  But things are settling down and I’m back in writing mode. I promised the rest of my son’s peanut allergy story along... Read more »

Peanut –free find of the Week: Simply Sweet Creations

So it’s been a pretty wild past few weeks and I’m really ready for sick season to be over!  I just had to share my family’s amazing experience this weekend at Simply Sweet Creations in Oak Lawn, IL.  My daughter Grace turned 6 years old last week and we celebrated with a birthday party at... Read more »

Peanut-free Find of the Week – American Girl Café

My family and I have most of our outings on weekends and we’re always looking for great places to visit that can accommodate my son’s peanut allergy.  So every Sunday, I’m going to post my “Peanut­-free Find of the Week.”  Here was our awesome find for this weekend. For Valentine’s Day, I took my little... Read more »