5 Things Donald Trump is Winning at

It’s not a secret that Donald Trump likes winning. I think he talks about winning more than my 4 year old son.

Everyday I find myself agonizing over the fact that he could possibly win this year’s presidential election and I really hope the Americans who are currently supporting him wake up and realize how destructive a Trump win would be before it’s too late.

As much as Donald Trump wants to win this election, just for the sake of winning, there are a few things I think he is already winning at.

In no particular order, here they are:

1. Getting out of paying

Whether you’re talking about taxes or contractors he’s hired,  Donald Trump is really great at not paying for things that he should be paying for.

Donald Trump is notorious for stiffing contractors that he’s hired to work on his properties. I was appalled to learn that Donald Trump has faced over 3,500 lawsuits in the past 30 years because he refused to pay people to whom he owed money.

He claims this is “good business” but any intelligent person can recognize that he’s a crook and cannot be trusted.

His previous bankruptcies also prove that he’s not a fan of paying his debts. His organizations have claimed bankruptcy in the past to get out of paying these large amounts of debt.

This is the reason why all major United States banks have blackballed Trump and he’s gone overseas to borrow money.  Everybody knows Donald Trump’s word is no good.

Donald Trump’s taxes have also been a hot topic lately and although there may not yet be hard evidence to support this, but it’s likely that Donald Trump hasn’t paid any federal income tax in a very long time.

When Hillary Clinton confronted him about this assumption during their first debate, Donald Trump’s comment was, “That makes me smart.”

Well, I think that makes him a crook. If he is really worth as much money as he says he is, shouldn’t he be paying taxes and financially contributing to the good of the country? Apparently he doesn’t think so.

Donald Trump definitely takes the win when it comes to financially screwing over people, including his own country.


2. Making Excuses

If there was a first place prize for the best excuse maker you would think this would be awarded to a 8 year old child, but instead, Donald Trump takes the crown on this one.

Every time Trump is criticized for anything, its never his fault. At the first debate, he was constantly sniffling and his excuse was that his microphone was broken.

Well that strange because I had no problem, hearing every idiotic word that came out of his orange face. And ya know what Donald? Microphones don’t sniffle. So…… yeah

It’s beyond me why he couldn’t just admit to have a bit of a cold or a nervous sniffle tick or something. Instead he has to blame it on his mic.

Let’s go back to his taxes again and you’ll find more lame excuses. His reason for not releasing his tax returns are because they are under audit. Well, the IRS has stated that being under audit does not prevent him from releasing his returns. Excuses, excuses….  This shows that he’s definitely hiding something that he doesn’t want America’s to see.

I also thought it was interesting how he mentioned during the debates that he seems to get audited every year and he doesn’t know why. Well, Donald, maybe it’s because you never pay any taxes despite claiming that you’re a billionaire and the IRS would like to know why.

If he can’t come up with an excuse, he will flat out deny that proven facts are true.

For example, when confronted during the debate about Trump’s belief that global warming is a hoax, he stated that he never made that statement. As soon as that happened, thousands of people started to retweet his twitter statement in which he said exactly that.

I imagine arguing with Donald Trump is very much like arguing with a kindergartner. He is always right and in his mind, no amount of facts will ever change that.

3. Hypocrisy

This one is probably Donald Trump’s greatest strength.  He is amazing at criticizing other for things he has done himself.

He uses hypocrisy as a defense mechanism in order to take negative attention off himself and put the spotlight on someone else for things he is guilty of doing.

The biggest example of this is how Donald Trump has named Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary”. I won’t deny that Hillary Clinton has made  some mistakes in her political career but nothing pales in comparison to the con-artist that is Donald Trump.

As stated above, Donald Trump has a history of refusing to pay money he owes, using illegal immigrants to build his properties and is now being investigated for using human trafficking to benefit his modeling agency.

The most disturbing allegations Donald Trump currently faces are related to various charges of rape that have surfaced. I have no idea how his supporters can look past this one.

Every single woman and every single man who has a woman in their life they care about should be absolutely disgusted by the actions of this monster!

He also accused Hillary Clinton of not having the stamina to be President of the United States. This statement was obviously not true and Hillary Clinton gave an awesome response to this accusation.

Donald Trump is obviously the one who does not have the stamina to become president. He has admitted in past interviews that he’s getting very tired on the campaign trail.

When speaking publicly he’s able to hold himself together for around 20 minutes but then loses his shit. This flaw of his has been proven time and time again in every previous debate and interview he has done.

Lastly, Donald Trump has recently been threatening to reveal Bill Clinton’s history of infidelity in an attempt to distract Hillary Clinton and discredit her husband. This is a huge “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” moment because if Donald Trump is anything, it definitely isn’t a faithful husband.

Trump has had multiple wives and each marriage was the result of cheating during his previous one.  He has 5 children with 3 different women. He’s the poster child for infidelity but still he’s attacking Hillary for her husband’s affairs because he’s got nothing else left.

4. Manipulating the easily manipulated

This is really the only reasonable explanation for why Donald Trump has so many followers. He is the winner when it comes to manipulating the poorly educated, closeted (or openly) racist and republican extremists.

These 3 groups of people make up the majority of his supporters and any intelligent person outside of one of these groups would certainly know better than to vote for him.

The poorly educated are probably the largest of these groups. Polls have shown that Trump is extremely popular among white males without a college degree.  These people likely don’t know that most of what Donald Trump would like to do as president is very unrealistic.

I imagine this group of people have no idea how politics work. They think that Trump will be able to come into the White House, bully around other world leaders and get what he wants. They don’t realize the damage he would cause as our president.

The second group of followers he’s manipulated into supporting him are just plain racists. He’s given these people the okay to freely express their racist and come out of their pathetic, dirty racist “closets” and let the world know what they really think of anybody who isn’t white.

Donald Trump has made it okay for these people to hate blacks, Muslims, Mexicans and the disabled. They don’t have to hide from their true feelings anymore. They can fly their racism flags high because they have finally found their Messiah.

This group of people are really hoping Trump wins so they don’t have to take their flags down and pretend to like anybody who’s different from them. This is the group that thrives on his hate and will be leaving themselves dangerously exposed after Trump loses.

The final group of people that support Trump really didn’t need much manipulating at all.  These are the republican extremists who would vote republican if a cartoon rat ran for office.

They don’t care who their candidate is, they will never vote anything but republican, even if their candidate is a racist, inexperienced, crooked monster like Trump.

5. Low-Blow Insults

This is a category where Donald Trump surely ranks #1.  He sure is good at dishing out low-blow insults when he encounters somebody that doesn’t measure up to his ridiculous standards.

Those contractors he didn’t pay, well they did terrible work. (I’ve seen pictures of their work, it’s actually gorgeous!)

The reporter whose question he didn’t like, he mocked his disability.

How about all those women that have disagreed with him? They’re all fat, ugly and worthless.

If you’re not a beautiful, thin supermodel or a rich white male, Donald Trump has some kind of low-blow comment for you.

This point also further exposes his hypocrisy because for somebody who likes his women to be gorgeous supermodels, he’s certainly not great looking himself.

He’s just a sad man who takes his own insecurities and points them out in other people in attempt to take the spotlight off the fact that he possesses the same flaws.


So, congratulations Donald Trump! You’re winning at something!

Not necessarily the things that I would want my presidential candidate to be winning at but to each their own, I guess.

My hope is that the Americans that are currently supporting him will come to their senses and realize he would destroy America should he get that chance. He is not in this for our country. He cares only about power, money and himself.

I am not pretending that Hillary Clinton is perfect, but this election should be a no-brainer. No politician in our history has ever been perfect. The fact that so many people are supporting this man has led me to believe that there are a lot of people in our country who have lost their damn minds.

I’m praying everyday that his supporters come to their senses, realize that Hillary Clinton’s flaws don’t even pale in comparison to Donald Trump’s and begin to support the only candidate that is actually qualified to become our next president.

That would be Hillary Clinton….obviously!


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