Learning baby's gender through ultrasound

My family is thrilled to be expecting our 4th baby this winter and being pregnant these days sure is an interesting adventure!

It seems our society believes there are no boundaries when talking to pregnant women. This especially applies to complete strangers. Having experienced three pregnancies before this one, I’ve heard it all!

“Wow, are you sure you’re not having twins?” or “You look too small to be 8 months pregnant.”

“Did you plan on having that many children?”

“I’m glad I’m not you”

With all the annoying pregnancy topics that strangers love to bring up, my least favorite is the baby’s gender.  In early pregnancy, before any ultrasounds have been performed, everybody asks that burning question.

“Are you going to find out, or be surprised?”

This question gets my pregnancy hormones raging worse than when my husband comes home and asks me what I did all day.

My response to this awful questions is always, “Both, of course. We are planning on finding out our baby’s gender during our ultrasound and YES it will be a wonderful surprise.”

I don’t understand why it is assumed that learning our baby’s gender before birth is any less emotional, exciting and surprising than learning it after the baby is born. The decision about when to learn your child’s gender is a personal one and I don’t understand why there is judgment being passed on either end.

I have absolutely no judgments against a couple who decides to wait to learn their baby’s gender until birth.  There are a lot of people who prefer to do it this way.

But the idea that us “peekers” are in some way cheating ourselves out of a big surprise is completely ridiculous!

For me, knowing my baby’s gender ahead of time helps me in so many ways.

I’m definitely a planner and after accumulating a mountain of boys and girls clothes over the past 7 years, I really want to know what I need to keep and what I can donate.

For me personally, knowing my baby’s gender during my pregnancy helps me to form a stronger bond with my unborn baby. I absolutely hate referring to my baby as “it” instead of he or she. This also allows me to pick a name and starting calling the baby by that name.

Knowing baby’s gender ahead of time will definitely help this time around because I can prepare my other children who have strong opinions about wanting a brother or sister.  My 4 year old son feels pretty strongly that the baby should be a boy and I’d like to avoid a complete hospital room melt down if he doesn’t get his way.

I’m also excited to go shopping for an adorable “home from the hospital” outfit that isn’t yellow or green. The hospital where I’m having my baby takes the most adorable newborn pictures and I need to know whether I should pack an obnoxiously large pink bow or a gorgeous blue satin blanket for baby’s first photo shoot.

What ever choice you make for your own family, just make sure its your choice and not the one the lady at the supermarket thinks you should make.

My own mid-pregnancy ultrasound is scheduled for this Saturday and I couldn’t be more excited! It will still be a very special day for our family even though its not happening at the same time as the birth of our child.

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